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What role does the labeling machine video play? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-15
Bogao Logo concluded from the customer’s consultation to purchase the labeling machine, and now it is becoming more and more necessary for customers to shoot the labeling machine video. Through the labeling machine video to watch how the labeling machine works, and assist them in choosing the right labeling machine. The standard machine model is more in line with the characteristics of its own products, helping its enterprises increase production efficiency, improve product quality, and continuously reduce labor costs. The labeling machine video allows customers to clearly see the labeling process of their products. The labeling machine is a kind of special production equipment, and the product characteristics of each customer are different, which determines that not every labeling machine is generally suitable for use. What kind of labeling process is used, what kind of production efficiency is achieved, and the effect of the posted product, there is an overall understanding in the labeling video! It avoids blind purchase or lack of information caused by unclear demand communication. Bought an inappropriate labeling machine. A good labeling machine video should pay attention to: 1. Take pictures of product characteristics and label size, shape and other characteristics; 2. Take pictures of the overall overview of the labeling machine, including size, etc., while taking pictures of specific structural features; 3. Take pictures of the whole The labeling process, including labeling details and processing methods; 4. It is necessary to photograph the quality display of the product after labeling; 5. The labeling video must have a certain length of time, enough to see the entire process details, but not too long, Video files that are too long are relatively large and are not conducive to network transmission. With the continuous development of network technology, the labeling video and labeling photos together, through QQ, WeChat, etc., have become an effective tool for people to buy labeling machines! The labeling video can give customers a reference to the actual labeling of the same type of product In the case, you can also give the customer a proprietary product sample video, so that when the customer accepts the labeling machine, there is no need to go to the manufacturer for acceptance, as long as the product is confirmed by the product labeling video!
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