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What is the reason for the increase in oil temperature of the labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
With the development of the economy, various manufacturers are constantly expanding their scales, so some machines will be used in the packaging, but the machines will also have some problems, so do you know what is the reason for the increase in the oil temperature of the labeling machine Woolen cloth?     1. Too many hydraulic oil brands, especially improper selection of viscosity index oil, will directly threaten the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The viscosity planning and viscosity change of hydraulic oil should be as small as possible. Hydraulic oil should also be considered in specific regions and seasons; oil labeling machines with clear rules should be filled in strict accordance with the rules of hydraulic oil to be filled.    2. Poor heat dissipation of the packer      Excessive dust accumulation on the surface of the radiator will cause heat, poor ventilation and high temperature of the hydraulic oil tank; low liquid level and circulating oil system will not work properly, which will lead to system high temperature.    3. Hydraulic pump suction      The air sucked by the hydraulic pump mixes with the air in the oil too much, forming 'cavitation'. Under high hydraulic shock, accompanied by violent oscillation and noise, the temperature rises rapidly.     4. Improper pressure adjustment of the metal labeling machine      adjust the system pressure relief valve too high, so that normal overflow and decompression cannot be performed, which will lead to an increase in internal leakage, which will lead to an increase in temperature.     5. Leakage      In the process of energy transfer, if the leakage is serious, the volume of the system will increase and loss, and the energy loss will be converted into high temperature heat of the system. Assuming that the component space is too small, the conflict between relative motions will also increase the temperature of the oil. The interval is too large and the leakage is serious.        6. Parts wear         the hydraulic system components of the labeling machine severe wear and tear will cause the system to overheat. Many parts of the components in the system rely on the sealing gap. Once the hydraulic components are worn, this will lead to an increase in internal leakage, and then the temperature will increase, the viscosity of the oil will decrease, and the internal leakage will further increase, resulting in a further increase in oil temperature, thus forming a vicious circle.
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