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What is the principle of the header of the self-adhesive labeling machine? -Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-31
1. Do not touch water or corrosive liquids, and do not use the label in a place that is too hot, as it is easy to get off the label. 2. The electric box and electric eye should be well maintained to avoid damage, other parts will not have any defects in normal use, except for the consumed parts.     Ordinary labeling machine is also labeling, and self-adhesive labeling machine is also labeling. It seems that ordinary glue will be applied. Self-adhesive labeling machine is to tear off the release paper of self-adhesive.    Labeller is a device that sticks labels (paper or metal foil) on regular packaging containers with adhesives. The labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging. At present, the types of consumer labeling machines in my country are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved. It has shifted from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling to the format of automatic high-speed labeling machines occupying a broad market.     1. Preparations before starting 1. Introspect the cleaning of the duty room, remove the excess items, and whether the labeling machine can be marked with a “cleaned” shape. 2. Adjust the distance between the peeling plate and the bottle body to reach a distance of 1.5-3mm. Too close will cause friction between the label bottom paper and the bottle body, the label paper is easy to break, and the distance is too large, which will cause the label to fail Stick it on the bottle.     3. Adjust the distance between the labeling roller and the peeling plate to reach 1.5-3mm. The labeling roller does not grind the label paper when the label cannot be produced.    4. Use the bottle body to examine the tightness between the labeling roller and the bottle’s compaction capacity. The labeling baffle and the labeling roller fixing frame lifting wheel can be adjusted if it is too loose or too tight.     5. Put the label paper on the label roll, and then turn it on after adjusting the printer ribbon, groove sheet, electric probe, peeling plate and pressing axis. Introspect the situation of the water and electricity switches, and the shape of the supply.     2. Turn on:      1. Turn on the power and the indicator light is on.    2. Heat the typing of the printer and adjust the knob to a high level. When the batch number is clearly visible in 3-6 minutes, adjust the knob to gear 2, and operate according to the standard operating procedures of the thermal printer.
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