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What is the application of the labeling machine for anti-counterfeiting marks? -Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
In today's rapid development and constant change in the world, our equipment is also constantly changing. It keeps on maintaining its own progress and changes, from being out of contact at the beginning to letting others gradually accept itself, allowing a large number of industries to use it. , He is the labeling machine. Today, let’s talk about the application of anti-counterfeiting labels on the labeling machine. Medical industry: The medical industry is one of the areas with the largest number of labeling machines. They generally have very high regulations on the speed of labeling machines. In the case of labeling machine design schemes, full consideration should be given to the process flow before and after labeling. The docking and integration of the light, such as the production line and additional functions such as the inspection of the light into the pallet truck, etc.;     cosmetics industry: There are so many kinds of utensils in the cosmetics industry. 'No-marking visual perception' also increases the degree of difficulty for the precision of the labeling bottom and the operation of bubble removal. Food companies: Food processing and manufacturing are the most common in everyone’s daily life. In order to better give products to excel in many products, manufacturers will spend a lot of time, and the double-layer logo of the column labeling machine has been shown to the manufacturers. A large number of marketing promotion opportunities and their marketing promotion indoor space. Beverage field: In the beverage field, faster speed and precise positioning are indispensable regulations, and a bottle with multiple label bases and the diversity of appearance are often encountered, and the labeling machine needs to be manipulated when labeling. The method is also very high. Electronics industry: The electronics industry has very high regulations for the application of signs. In addition to the special requirements for the identification materials, the requirements for the precision of the labeling machine are also very high. It is a prerequisite for completing a lot of data and information in real time. Communicate with the main system software data information and so on.    Battery industry: The rechargeable battery processing and manufacturing industry has generally used automatic labeling machines for the main purpose of rolling up labels. A labeling machine with a high-quality design scheme can run at high speed and also ensure that the logo socket is leveled, and fully consider the avoidance of short-circuit failures, as well as the function of showing the logo to close. Petrochemical industry: The petrochemical industry usually needs to put commodity labels on barrels, large bottles of vertical labeling machines and other vessels. The prescribed speed and precision are relatively loose, but because the labels are large, the labeling machine is driven The power requirements are relatively high, and when large-scale signs are posted on curved surfaces, or on uneven flow lines, the maintenance of signs indicates that leveling is also an area that designers care about. Medical equipment industry: The application of self-adhesive labels in the medical processing and manufacturing industry is becoming more and more extensive. In addition to being used as a logo, the logo also shows other versatility and main uses. The design of the labeling machine must also conform to the uniqueness of the logo. Each is different.
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