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What are the precautions for the maintenance of the self-adhesive labeling machine? -Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-06-01
Generally, after a long period of time, we will find that machines and equipment are used more frequently in factories and enterprises. Self-adhesive labeling machines used in food, beverage, electronics, medicine and other industries are very common, but these machines are After running for a long time, some failures will be avoided. This is why we have to repair it. Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to in the repair process:      First of all, the labeling box may malfunction, and the form of failure may occur. There are many, it may be because the labeling box is not placed in place, causing the labeling to be unsuccessful. It may also be because the center line of the label box is not calibrated, causing the labeling to be inconsistent or uneven. At this time, we need to cut the center line of the labeling box with the label plate and the label paper to form a straight line, and move the label box a little bit. Secondly, the position of the marking hook of the label box has been adjusted. The upper, lower, left and right marking hooks need to be on the same vertical plane to be able to successfully label, but sometimes the position of the marking hook may not be accurate. This is what we need to adjust Its location, and then check whether it is a problem with other parts of the sticker labeling machine.    Finally, adjust the distance between the label paper and the label box. The distance between the label paper and the label box cannot be too large or too small, just keep it between 0.8mm and 1mm. The self-adhesive labeling machine will cause oblique labeling if the distance is too far, which will not be accurate, and then the quality will not pass; too small a distance will cause poor labeling and prevent the labeling from being carried out, so pay special attention to this problem.
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