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What are the factors that affect the service life of the paste labeling machine?-Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
For the problem of the service life of the paste labeling machine, the longer the service life, the higher the return on investment, the lower the asset depreciation, and the lower the cost. So, what are the factors that affect the service life of the paste labeling machine?     1. Quality matters. The self-adhesive paste labeling machine adopts the self-adhesive roll labeling paper. During the automatic bottle feeding process with the bottle unscrambler, the roll label paper is continuously torn off and attached to the bottle body according to the required position. . The equipment control system uses computer programming and full Chinese LCD touch screen, text type and button type, etc. It is a modern mechatronics product. The paste labeling machine is composed of multiple organizations, each of which is composed of different accessories. The higher the components used in the equipment, the better the equipment, and the higher the quality. The paste labeling machine is used The longer the life span. On the contrary, if the equipment is equipped with low-end equipment, the lifetime of the equipment will be greatly reduced. So pay attention to the quality of equipment accessories while purchasing machines.     2. Daily protection is supplemented. The automatic paste labeling machine is a device that can paste rolls of paper labels or metal foil labels on PCBs, products or specified packaging. The back of the label comes with adhesive and is regularly arranged on the smooth backing paper. The feeder or label peeling mechanism on the paste labeling machine can automatically peel it off. The paste labeling machine should be protected from moisture and exposure, and the temperature should be appropriate; the paste labeling machine should be operated for a long time, and it should be paid attention to oiling gears, bearings, etc., preferably half a month as a cycle ; Before using the paste labeling machine, carefully check whether the screws of the equipment are loose, so as not to burn the motor due to the loosening of the screws during the operation of the equipment; pay attention to the paste labeling machine after daily use Clean the dust on the surface of the device, disconnect the power supply, and pay attention to the maintenance of the device.     Generally speaking, a better quality paste labeling machine can be used for several years, plus regular maintenance, the life span can reach 10 years without a problem. The round bottle paste labeling machine adopts the self-adhesive roll labeling paper, and the labeling adopts the rolling method to complete the labeling process. It will fall off on its own and has the advantages of high production efficiency. Therefore, we must bear this in mind during use and avoid problems during use. Therefore, good machines should also pay attention to maintenance. Many companies have purchased paste labeling machine equipment, and they said they have good quality, long service life and easy operation. For relatively low-priced equipment, they are more willing to purchase paste labeling machine and paste labeling machine. Is your safe choice.
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