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Three reasons and advantages for the widespread use of self-adhesive labeling machines-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-06-01
With the rapid development of science and technology, a series of high-end intelligent equipment has begun to emerge in the market, gradually replacing labor. In recent years, self-adhesive labeling machines have been widely used. The main reasons for this phenomenon are nothing more than the following three points.     1. Manual labeling management is difficult. Companies rely on manual labeling for a long time, and it is inevitable that the labeling position is inaccurate, the product defect rate is high, and the work efficiency is low. Especially in the peak production season, manual labeling cannot meet the processing and production needs of enterprises, which makes it more difficult for companies to manage their employees. They invest a lot of time and energy to control the effects of manual labeling, but the final benefits are not satisfactory.    2. The high cost of manual labeling      While people’s living standards have improved in an all-round way, it has also been accompanied by a reduction in the number of laborers. This has caused labor cost pressures for the majority of enterprises to a certain extent. The cost of manual labeling is high and efficiency is low. However, choosing to use a fully automatic high-speed labeling machine is a one-time investment and long-term benefit.    3. The production model is backward in the era of     intelligence, all walks of life are advocating intelligent and automated production, and the transformation from manufacturing enterprises to intelligent manufacturing. High-end intelligent electronic equipment is a necessary hardware facility for enterprise transformation. I believe that the majority of enterprises choose to use fully automatic high-speed labeling machines, undoubtedly they want to break through the production limitations of manual labeling, and find a greater competitive advantage for the development of the enterprise.     In addition, the self-adhesive labeling machine has the following advantages:      1. The quality of the label is excellent, and the elastic pressure covering transmission belt is selected, and the label is flat and wrinkle-free, which improves the quality of packaging.     2. Easy to use, stand-on label for glass bottles, with automatic bottle separation function, it can be manufactured in a stand-alone version, or it can be equipped with a production line.    3. Intelligent control system, full-auto optical tracking, with no-things-no-labeling, no-label full-automatic correction and automatic identification of labels, to avoid missing labels and extravagant waste of labels.    4. Easy to adjust. The labeling rate, transportation rate, and bottle separation rate can be changed infinitely, and the adjustment must be carried out according to the basis;     5. Durable, select three-bar adjustment organization, flexible use of triangle reliability, the whole equipment is reliable and durable. It is made of stainless steel plate and high-grade aluminum alloy profile, which conforms to GMP.
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