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There is a reason why paste labeling machines are more and more favored by pharmaceutical companies-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
As a major category of paste labeling machines, in recent years, self-adhesive paste labeling machines have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, whether it is from labeling production equipment or from self-adhesive Both the label and the bottle to be affixed will have higher requirements. We know that medicines are products related to people’s health. Therefore, a safe and sterile environment is a prerequisite for consumers to buy with confidence, in order to ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals. , Pharmaceutical companies must require the paste labeling machine to be dust-free, reduce noise as much as possible, and eliminate static electricity under certain conditions. It is beautiful, firm, will not fall off on its own, and has high production efficiency. For pharmaceutical companies, it can improve the production environment and strengthen the safety of drugs. With the continuous improvement of technology, the self-adhesive paste labeling machine will be more and more Used by many pharmaceutical companies.     Regarding the safety and efficacy of medicines, the direct way for consumers to understand this is to obtain information through the packaging of medicines. Therefore, the paste labeling machine in the medicine packaging equipment plays a very important role. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more attention has been paid to drug labels. Self-adhesive paste labeling machine companies also need to continuously strengthen technological innovation and promote more self-adhesive paste labeling machines. Humanization, higher technology, so as to better improve the sanitation of the pharmaceutical production environment and strengthen the safety of pharmaceutical production. Nowadays, the pharmaceutical packaging forms on the market are beginning to diversify. While the self-adhesive labeling machine is widely favored by users, it also presents different styles. When faced with a wide range of products, it is still difficult for users to choose their ideals. The product. In this regard, the following aspects can be considered.     1. Electrical configuration: It can be judged from the aspects of PLC, human-machine interface, click, frequency converter, encoder, measuring sensor, target measuring sensor, etc.    2. Scope of application: It can be considered from both the applicable product scope and the applicable label scope of the self-adhesive paste labeling machine. The applicable width of the label should be more than 150MM, and the product should be more than 300MM.     3. Applicable materials: It can be judged from electrical box materials, electrical box theme materials, and mechanical theme materials. The sheet metal of the electric box is made of stainless steel, the bracket is made of electrophoretic aluminum profile, and the main body of the machine is made of stainless steel. In addition, the production system and pre-sales and after-sales service systems are also factors that customers need to consider when choosing products.     4. Mechanical structure: It can be judged from factors such as rigidity, adjustment mechanism, label winding, conveying mechanism, header, traction mechanism, etc. The rigidity of the machine should be sufficient, and the screw adjustment should be carried out if it is related to labeling and guiding. The traction shaft pressure is adjustable, the label winding is relatively simple, the header layout is reasonable, the conveying is stable and there is no abnormal noise. 5. Supporting functions: There are 5 supporting functions of the self-adhesive paste labeling machine, namely:      1) Labeling function, the accuracy, efficiency, and stability of labeling should be considered; 2) Self-adapting function, with self-adaptation Equipped with functions can reduce the difficulty of equipment adjustment;      3) Alarm function, whether abnormal alarm, adjustment error alarm, safety protection alarm when electrical failure occurs; 4) Safety protection function, speed upper and lower limit protection and overload protection;     5 ) The expansion of supporting functions, namely connecting to the printer, inkjet printer, and reserved PLC interface.
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