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There are three main reasons for the poor accuracy of the self-adhesive labeling machine-Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
When we use the self-adhesive labeling machine, we often have the problem of poor labeling accuracy. Poor labeling accuracy can easily affect the aesthetics of the label. Therefore, if such a problem occurs, it must be adjusted in time. Generally speaking, there are three main reasons for the poor accuracy of the labeling machine:   type, mechanical reasons and mechanical reasons are divided into static and dynamic two types:  a. The static reason is the shaking of the header. The solution: through tight Fix the header and adjust the fixing seat, so as to achieve the fixed header, so as to avoid shaking. b. Specific reasons for dynamic aspects: 1. The product swayed on conveying, the solution: by reducing the guide gap, so as to avoid the product swaying on the conveying; 2. The bid and product speed match, the solution: by adjusting the traction frequency or conveying speed , So that when the product reaches the labeling position, it will be marked out. The second category, electrical reasons. Electrical reasons include detection and power:  a. The specific reasons for the detection of the self-adhesive labeling machine are: 1. The meter is inaccurate, and the solution: reset the standard measurement electric eye to allow labeling The machine stops outputting the label after the product is labeled; 2. The measurement is not accurate, and the solution: adjust the sensor and amplifier to accurately detect the labeled product, and accurately output the label. B. The common reason for power is abnormal transmission. Solution: Check and tighten the transmission parts to ensure the normal operation of the labeling machine. The third category, product reasons.   There are two reasons for products: labels and products:  a. Labeling problems are often caused by the label spacing not meeting the standard. The solution: choose the label with the label spacing to meet the standard for labeling. B. The common problem of the self-adhesive labeling machine is that the product accuracy error is too large. The solution: check and adjust the product size accuracy to ensure that the label is attached to the fixed position of the product when labeling.
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