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There are several common failures of regional paste labeling machines-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
With the progress of society, all walks of life are pursuing full automation. The paste labeling machine industry is an indispensable part of modern packaging, and products without labels are incomplete. With the continuous improvement of paste labeling machine technology, the application of paste labeling machines in various industries has become more and more extensive, and more and more manufacturers use paste labeling machines. During the use of the paste labeling machine, some minor problems are inevitable. We can't always go to the technicians. For example, some common failures can be solved by learning by ourselves.  First point: Continuous labeling.    Continuous labeling is related to the detection sensitivity of the electric eye. Just adjust the sensitivity. For the adjustment method, please refer to the previous chapter on electric eye adjustment. If you cannot solve the problem after adjusting the sensor, it may be that the label is out of the applicable range of the sensor, or the sensor is damaged, and you need to consult the manufacturer. The second point: The slack of the bottom paper at the stripping board is related to the slippage of the traction mechanism if the traction speed is too low. If the traction speed is too low, increase the traction speed to solve the problem; if the traction mechanism is slipping, tighten the traction roller Tighten the screw until the bottom paper does not slip.  The third point: the labeling has wrinkles or bubbles. The main factors of labeling folds are the following:    1. Inconsistent labeling and labeling speeds, incomplete labeling, and bottle quality. Inconsistent label delivery and over-labeling speeds can be solved by adjusting the label-out speed slightly faster than the line speed of the over-labeling wheel. During the entire labeling process, the workpiece cannot pull the label out.  2. Incomplete labeling can basically be solved by adjusting the parallelism of the three rollers of the labeling mechanism with the bottle.   Bottle quality, wrinkles after repeated pasting several times can be identified as a quality problem. Only by controlling the bottle quality can it be solved.  Fourth point: Bottom paper break    Bottom paper break is closely related to the three factors of label bottom paper quality, label traction path scratching the bottom paper, and label adhesion.   The first step is to check whether the backing paper is cut. If the backing paper is cut, it needs to be replaced with a high-quality backing paper. It is recommended to use Glassine bottom paper, and the label supplier is required to control the depth of die cutting so that the bottom paper cannot be damaged.   The second step is to check whether the label is scratched during the detour, and eliminate the scratch factor.   The third step, if the label sticks, the label is easy to tear off. Control the length of the next label to ensure that it does not stick to the labeled product. It can be achieved by moving the marking electric eye stand or using the stop delay of the man-machine interface. Fifth point: The folds of the label's head put the workpiece on the positioning labeling place, in the manual state, let the positioning cylinder work, press the workpiece, hold the workpiece by hand, manually pull the motor, and observe the label when it is just pasted. Work status, and then solve it. 7 Crooked labels and high and low labels appear during the production process (1) According to the actual situation, the left and right positions of the entire paste labeling machine can be adjusted to solve the problem of crooked labels. (2) The inclination angle of the label brush can be adjusted according to the actual situation Label (3) According to the actual situation, the left and right positions of the bottle guard can be adjusted to solve the crooked label. The sixth point: How to adjust the paste labeling electromechanical eye?   Electric eye adjustment This equipment is equipped with 2 sets of electric eyes, which are measuring object electric eye and standard measuring electric eye.  1, The position adjustment can be adjusted by the electric eye holder, front and rear, high and low position adjustments to adapt to different bottles and labels. Refer to the introduction of mechanical mechanism for the adjustment method.  2, Sensor setting 2.1 Setting the sensor to the radio sensor, adjust the sensitivity by turning the two knobs on the transmitter part (small) of the sensor. The knob far away from the reflector is the sensitivity adjustment knob. Rotate counterclockwise to decrease the sensitivity, and rotate clockwise to increase the sensitivity. Adjust to the transmitter\receiving lens part, the red light is off under normal conditions, and there is an object in the middle that passes through the state where the red light is on. 2.2 The standard measuring electric eye is configured as a German Leuze slot type measuring electric eye: the label is placed in the slot of the electric eye Pass, put the labeled place in the slot, press and hold the button for 1 or 2 seconds and then release. At this time, the yellow indicator flashes, then put the unlabeled place in the slot, press and hold the button for seven seconds and then release Just open it. Pull the label to see that the indicator will switch between on and off when there is a label to where there is no label. In the online monitoring on the man-machine interface, you can see that the corresponding measurement target will be displayed in blue. Seventh point: The deviation of the labeling head and tail exceeds 2mm   1. Label deviation and label deviation, labeling and product axis not parallel, product moving up during labeling, product error, etc., check the above factors, and then Line targeted solutions.  2. The label tape goes off-track, relax the traction mechanism, and pull the label back and forth to let it go straight automatically. After the label is aligned, clamp the limit rings on both sides to correct the label.   3. The label is not parallel to the axis of the product, and the parallel can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head.  4. The product moves up when the label is overwritten. This situation is caused by the non-parallelism of the three rubber-coated shafts of the labelling mechanism with the axis of the product. Just adjust the parallelism.  5. Product error. During the bottle production process, the uneven bottom of the bottle will cause the head and tail deviation, which can be solved only by controlling the quality of the bottle.
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