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The specific reasons for the labeling of the labeling machine are as follows-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
Labeling bubbles are usually the case with transparent labels, and they look ugly. This is a problem that plagues most manufacturers. To solve this problem, we must first know the cause of the bubbles caused by the labeling machine.    The specific reasons for the bubbles in the labeling machine are as follows:     1, there is dust or stolen goods on the bottle.    2, the bottle was not blown properly when it was blown, and there were pits with unevenness.    3, the presence of static electricity on the bottle will repel the label and generate bubbles.    4, static electricity is generated when the label is peeled from the bottom paper, which is also the cause of labeling bubbles. This usually happens on high-speed labeling machines.     After we know the reason, let’s see how to deal with it:     1. Make sure the bottle is clean and tidy before labeling.    2, add electronic anti-static equipment to reduce the impact of static electricity.    3, use spring steel sheet plus brush or spring steel sheet plus sponge or silicone scraper. If the bottle is flat and the label is no problem, as long as the correct scraper is selected, there will be no bubbles. 4. If it is a glass bottle, it is recommended not to use a transparent label, because the glass bottle itself has some irregular surfaces, so bubbles are difficult to avoid. If you really want to use a transparent label, use spring steel with a brush effect or spring steel with a sponge. It will be better.    5, when the labeling machine is labeling, the running speed of the bottle body should be slightly faster than the labeling speed of the label, so as to avoid the occurrence of bubbles.    6. For soft bottle labeling, the relationship between labeling speed, scraper strength, angle and distance should be adjusted.
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