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The reason why the automatic labeling machine cuts the film continuously The sealing and cutting machine problem-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
1. First, disconnect the electricity of the sealing and cutting machine and the heat shrinking machine. This is the primary condition. This is also something that must be respected regardless of the maintenance of any packaging equipment, such as the unpacking machine, the automatic labeling machine, and the heat shrinking machine.     2. Check the sealing knife, do not touch it with your hands. 3. Check if the sealing knife has no temperature, replace the fuse 4. Check whether the electric heating tube is damaged 5. Check whether the temperature controller is damaged 6. Check whether the relay is damaged 7. Check whether the temperature is out of control 8. Check the thermocouple Open circuit and damage 9. Check whether the relay is damaged. 10. Check whether the safety device switch is defective. 11. Check the pressure piece of the safety device. 12. Check whether the sealing is firm or bad. 13. Check whether the temperature setting is too low. Check if the sealing time is too short at degree 14. Check if the air pressure is too small and adjust it to 5Kg/Cm2
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