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The realization of fully automated intelligent labeling machine has become the main goal

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-21
With people's attention to the safety of daily chemicals, beverages, and food, the label industry has developed rapidly. The labeling machine has become an indispensable member of the automation industry. With the rapid development of labeling machines, problems continue to emerge. Now it has entered a period of system reform and mechanism conversion. The realization of fully automated intelligent labeling machines has become the main goal. The fully automatic intelligent labeling machine developed and produced in the label packaging industry has also accelerated the pace of system reform and mechanism conversion in recent years. The product structure and price have become more and more reasonable. More and more foreign-funded enterprise customers have cooperated with our company. Under the current large-scale process of industrial 4.0 manufacturing automation development, the technical team of Bogao Logo also provides customers with advanced technology that is synchronized with the world, and designs customized labeling machines, intelligent visual inspection equipment, product traceability, and non-standard products for free. Customized solutions for automated production lines. At present, the development of labeling machines starts from many aspects such as meeting customer needs and meeting industry customized changes, and combining the advantages of the past labeling machine development, incorporating more high-tech and high functions into it, leaving the labeling machine industry behind. Make a major contribution to fully automatic and intelligent. With the increasing customer requirements and the gradual increase in the types of labeling machines, the transition from one stage to another has improved the function, quality and efficiency of the labeling machine. The dry glue labeling machine, the fully automatic intelligent labeling machine after the baptism of high and new technology, has a step-by-step performance. The automatic labeling form is the symbolic trend of the current labeling machine market. It is fully automated and produced for modern industry. The development has provided a great contribution.
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