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The process of paste labeling machine operation needs attention-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-28
Conveying bottles, applying paste, taking labels, and rotating drums for labeling, the whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and is equipped with a photoelectric automatic control system to maintain the coordination of the whole line. The use of slurry to take out the sign is stable and reliable, and the work efficiency is high. The screw is used to feed the bottle, the bottle runs smoothly and the positioning is reliable. Adopting a rolling mechanism, the label is bonded well, and the reliability of labeling is enhanced. It is equipped with protective devices such as no bottle no handing, no paste, and no labeling. The machine is simple in structure, easy to use and change specifications. Note for the operation of the paste labeling machine 1. The choice of glue-usually Panda brand white glue (polyvinyl acetate emulsion) is used. Be careful not to add too much glue, as long as you keep the rubber There is only a layer of glue film on the wheel. Because too much glue causes the label to be attached. The squeezing of the bottle and the sponge board will leave too much glue on the paper transfer belt and the sponge pad, which will hinder the subsequent label attachment. 2. Label processing-in order to make the label fully affixed to the bottle and increase the appearance of the product, the label should be kept flat before it can be fully glued. Because at room temperature, the label is easy to get damp in the air and cause curling phenomenon. Therefore, when the label is stored, it must be fixed with a hard board before and after it, and then clamped with a rubber band. 3. Bottle handling-when the bottle is labeled, there should be no oil stains or dust on the outer surface
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