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The market scale of paste labeling machine in 2019 has gradually become prominent-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-06-01

For the whole year of 2019, the total sales volume of domestic and foreign paste labeling machines reached 21,000 units, and the market scale has gradually become prominent. Under this background, the paste labeling machine industry has also exposed some problems, of which the more critical It is that manufacturers are beginning to face differentiated development and changes, and the polarization of products between different manufacturers is more obvious. The editor believes that the main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:      1. The development of the packaging industry is also diversified to a certain extent. Driven the development of paste labeling machines, as the market continues to prosper, various packaging production lines have appeared, which has also increased the requirements for equipment. This also requires a variety of fully automatic labeling equipment with different functions to meet the packaging of products in different industries such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, chemicals, and electronics, making the market for paste labeling machines continue to expand.     2. For the paste labeling machine industry, which is closely related to pharmaceutical packaging, enhancing the supply capacity of the entire industry chain in the changing market demand structure has become the top priority. In this context, the packaging industry equipment has to be reformed and innovated to strengthen the responsibility of the packaging industry to meet the needs of market development.     3. The traditional paste labeling machine can only be applied to the packaging needs of different periods. In the current environment of fierce competition among enterprises, if an enterprise faces the packaging industry in an unchanging situation, its packaging efficiency and packaging quality will not be able to compete with other enterprises. This also requires paste labeling machine enterprises to insist on Keep pace with market demand, keep pace with the times and innovate at all times to usher in better development opportunities.                  


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