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The gap between China's automatic labeling machinery and foreign labeling machines

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-23
The huge hidden service hazards arising from rapid development have begun to arouse market concerns. In particular, many small companies basically produce without large-scale investment in fixed assets such as manufacturing and quality assurance, resulting in the entry of a large number of small opportunistic companies. These small companies do not have any development plans, technical reserves, and technical update capabilities. They just want to make some products and leave immediately after making some profits when a tightly-selling product is emerging; they do not have and cannot make appropriate improvements in the field of labeling machines. resources invested. It is for this reason that these companies use simple, low-level raw materials without quality assurance and no standardized process requirements to manufacture products and dump them at low prices. These products without quality assurance, irregular installation and commissioning, and false service promises cast a shadow over the credibility of the entire industry; at the same time, the enthusiasm of enterprises engaged in large-scale Ru0026D and production in the field of labeling machines is also a kind of enthusiasm. The blow slowed the labeling machine's march into the high-tech field and hindered the development of the fully automatic labeling machine industry. At present, there are more than 100 domestic companies producing automatic labeling machines, but most of the products have low technical content and low product differences. Mature product technologies are easy to imitate and plagiarize, resulting in low-level repetition and hindering labeling. Machine technology innovation and development. China may soon become a big country of labeling machinery manufacturing, but it is still difficult to get rid of the status of 'small brand country'. In terms of product technology, the main feature of foreign labeling machines is our main gap. (1) Low speed and few varieties. According to the different labeling materials and the size of the output, most automatic labeling machines in China generally range from 20 to 100 pieces/min. Most of them are single-line labeling, and the sealing form is generally Three-side seal, four-side seal and back seal type. (2) Low accuracy The domestic use of screw metering and filling labeling machine, the measurement accuracy is mostly between 62%~63%, when used for small dose labeling, it can basically meet the user’s labeling requirements, but when the dose is large , It is difficult to meet the actual requirements of users. For example, domestic milk powder is generally 400g~500g per bag. If the error is controlled at 62%~63%, it is obviously unacceptable for users. (3) Low reliability. Due to the great difference in the particularity of the labeling materials, the fluidity and viscosity of the materials are different, and some materials require the machine to have the ability to prevent corrosion, so even the same type of labeling machine cannot be widely used. To adapt to the labeling of various materials, it is necessary to design or use different filling mechanisms or different materials for the materials. However, in order to make money quickly in the early stage of product production, some companies use low-quality electronic components, control components or low-level raw materials without quality assurance, plus no standardized processing and assembly processes, and have not modified them for specific use conditions. The product is unstable or not suitable for the user's requirements, causing huge losses to the user. (4) The level of automation and intelligence is low. In recent years, although my country's fully automatic labeling machines have adopted some PLCs and instruments with intelligent control functions, in general, most of them are still low-level electromechanical controls without data. A machine with storage, collection, and correction functions.
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