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The continuous expansion of the Shanxi market has driven the development of the labeling machine industry-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
The labeling machine has been qualitatively improved, and the market share is constantly increasing. Relevant data shows that in the past 2018, the total sales of major domestic and imported labeling machines have reached nearly 20,000 units, and the market scale is prominent. The products of each manufacturer are facing differentiated development, and the polarization is more obvious. This is mainly due to the following points: 1. The continuous expansion of the market size drives the development of the labeling machine industry. At present, it is facing people’s lives. With the improvement of the level and the emphasis on health, the market demand for medicines is also increasing. Especially in recent years, the scale of medicines has continued to grow, and the pattern is facing restructuring, which has also intensified the competition of pharmaceutical labeling machine companies. 2. In the past, traditional labeling machines were only suitable for packaging needs in different periods. Under the current fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry, if companies face the packaging industry with an unchanging attitude, their packaging efficiency and packaging quality will be both It is difficult to compete with other companies. This also requires labeling machine companies to keep pace with the needs of pharmaceutical companies, keep pace with the times, and always innovate to usher in better development opportunities. 3. With the prosperity of the market, the packaging industry has shown a diversified development trend. The packaging production lines and assembly lines in the industry have continuously improved equipment requirements. This also requires a variety of labeling machines with different functions to meet the needs of food, medicine, The packaging of products in different industries, such as daily chemical, chemical, and electronics, has continuously expanded the market for automatic labeling machines. In 2019, the demand for labeling machines from customers who have newly added automated production lines is imminent. On the one hand, the domestic labeling machine market has developed too fast, leading to the existence of some bubbles. On the other hand, some customers are using traditional labeling machines at the same time. It will also purchase and replace the automatic labeling machine. It can be said that the prospects are quite optimistic.
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