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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-26
We can comprehensively consider the product packaging box label labeling machine of technology enterprises from four development aspects. For ordinary Chinese people in the market of all scientific and technological innovation products, the products that students usually have the most contact with should be digital products. In the management of these digital technology products directly contacted by consumers, the packaging box will give people a strong sense of texture. I feel very comfortable to touch it with my hands, and the packaging box does not look like this. It will be too complicated, and sometimes it will provide people with a modern and simple feeling. This is digital product information or the outer packaging label of technology products. It gives people an overall feeling. Of course, if you want to seek a breakthrough, you can also break the inherent concept of design labeling. The outer packaging labels of a country's scientific and technological financial products are very exaggerated, using a kind of cultural knowledge that life seems to come from an alien planet for research, design and creation. Here are four main aspects to introduce and analyze the issues to be considered when making the outer packaging label labeling machine of science and technology service products. The first thing to consider when labeling technical product packaging boxes with a labeling machine is to prevent dust from entering and prevent electrostatic interference.. Since many technical products have no resistance to the interference of dust and impurities, if there is a large amount of dust inside, it may cause labeling Product damage, that is, static electricity is also a great damage to electronic products, so we should consider this aspect in labeling, such as the use of materials with better sealing performance, and the corresponding standards in the process to ensure The internal products are not disturbed by static electricity and dust. The second thing to consider is the high temperature environment, because there are many electronic components and some circuit boards in the technical products, which cannot stay in the high temperature environment for a long time, so the label labeling machine designed should have a certain degree of heat insulation or Heat dissipation capacity. The third thing to consider is to be moisture-proof. Electronic products are generally not waterproof, or are particularly sensitive to humid environments, so you can make a plastic lining inside the outer package for moisture-proof treatment. The fourth important consideration of the packaging label labeling machine for scientific and technological products is the protection performance, because there are many electronic products, technologies or products that are made very precise. It is said that if there is better protection, such as protection and anti-shock and anti-collision protection , The injury is likely to occur during transportation. In order to achieve better shock and drop characteristics, it can use harder paper in the materials used in packaging and labeling.
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