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Suizhou labeling machine has strict requirements for labeling accuracy-Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
Throughout the various fields of economic development, there are countless labeling machines of various brands. In such an environment, businesses are not only comparing technology and quality, but also factors that cannot be ignored in service.   Nowadays, labeling machines are used more and more widely, and labeling machines are involved in more and more industries. Because we have made our products stand out and improved the quality of our products, the requirements for the labeling machine have become more stringent, especially the labeling accuracy requirements of the labeling machine. But regarding the labeling machine, these are the tests that must be experienced in the growth and development of the labeling machine. In order to achieve the best labeling conditions and strive for the highest labeling accuracy, the following factors must be paid attention to.  The following points are very important in the development of the Suizhou labeling machine.  First of all, the positioning of the container that needs to be labeled. As we all know, the whole process of labeling by the labeling machine is: taking the label, sending the label, transporting the container together, positioning, then labeling, labeling, and rolling. From the perspective of the process route, the factors that affect the labeling accuracy include: labeling accuracy, container positioning accuracy, label overwriting accuracy, and label rubbing accuracy. Accurate positioning of the container. When the position of the watch label on the bottle is strictly required, strict positioning is required. The common positioning method of the labeling machine is mainly to use the shape of the container to locate, such as the concave point on the container, the mold line, the photoelectric positioning point, etc., and the servo organization is generally equipped to adjust the container orientation.  Secondly, there is the error between the bottle running speed and the label running. When labeling, there is an error when the bottle rotates and the label moves. This error has a serious impact on the labeling accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the synchronization organization. At the moment of labeling, the bottle rotation linear speed and the label extension speed are equal to reach a relatively static state and improve labeling accuracy.   Then why can the label be recognized by people? It allows you to see all kinds of information you want to see. Through the use of manufacturing materials, you can see whether the product is worth the price, whether it has a purchase value, when is it better to use it, and whether it is an anti-counterfeiting product or an expired product And so on, can be identified on the label, and the visible label has become a powerful assistant for people to identify the product. The labeling machine born with the product label shows its importance at this time. It replaces various shortcomings of manual labeling, effectively improves productivity, saves costs, and promotes the development of the commodity market.
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