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Solutions to common problems of labeling machines-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
1. What should I do when the power is suddenly cut off and restarted?     remove the bottles staying on the conveyor belt and remove the unfinished labels, and then restart the labeling machine. And try to paste one before mass production.     2. After replacing the label, the labeling position has changed, what should I do?     Please reset the stop position parameter until it is in the proper position.     3. The bidding round does not move, what should I do?     Please check whether the drive belt of the bid-receiving wheel is loose.     4. What should I do if the bidding servo abnormal alarm?     Check whether the wiring terminal of the servo motor is loose, and check whether the wiring terminal of the information line of the servo motor is loose.     5. What should I do if the inverter alarms abnormally?    The equipment has an abnormal load, please remove the fault and turn on the power again.     6. What should I do if there is deviation in the labeling?     Check whether the installation position of the photoelectricity of the inspection object is reasonable; Check whether the stop position of the label is accurate, if the stop position of the label is inaccurate, please press the label roller pressing roller tightly.     7. What should I do if the label is skewed?     Check whether the bottle is vertical. If it is not vertical, please reset the speed of the bottle pressing belt to match the conveying speed. Check whether the stripping board is vertical.     8. There are wrinkles and bubbles after labeling, what should I do?     Re-adjust the scraping brush to increase or reduce the strength of the scraping brush, or change the scraping angle to eliminate the wrinkles on the label.     9. What should I do if there is a missing labeling phenomenon?     check whether the photoelectricity of the standard inspection is normal; check whether the bottle is separated by a distance.     10. What should I do if I can’t attach the label?     Check whether the photoelectric of the inspection object is abnormal.    11. How to solve the problem of label broken when the machine is running?     Check whether the quality of the bottom tape of the label meets industry requirements; Check whether the stringing path of the label is correct.     12. Which model can meet the labeling needs of our products? Please provide the following information: (1) The attributes, materials, and dimensions of the items to be labeled;      (2) the labeling position and quantity, and the size of the label;      (3) the requirements for the labeling speed; we will use the above information.. .     13. Can the equipment be connected to the production line?     equipment can be made according to your needs. If it is in-line production, please provide the equipment layout diagram, we will design the connection related to the labeling machine for you. If it is single-line production, we will provide a stand-alone operation plane...     14. Is the equipment fully automatic or semi-automatic ?     We only produce fully automatic machines.     15. What material is the label used in your equipment?     roll-shaped self-adhesive label. Transparent labels or opaque labels are acceptable.
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