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Simple troubleshooting method of Kaifeng labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
At present, the labeling machine is widely used in the packaging industry. Although it is not a direct production tool, it is also one of the automation equipment. Its appearance has met the needs of many companies. However, it is worth noting that many customers only put the use of However, maintenance work is neglected. It can be said that if an enterprise wants to obtain greater benefits, it needs to maintain the labeling machine on a regular basis.  The labeling machine generally has stable and reliable performance, and the packaging effect is also very beautiful. Some key parts and components can be imported from abroad, and the effect will be improved. Because the automatic labeling machine is used, the production cost is reduced significantly, and the important aspect is to save time and labor costs. However, when we use the packaging machine, we must pay attention to small details in order to allow us to give full play to our advantages. Simple troubleshooting methods for opening labeling machine 1. The nail clamping action of the labeling machine is too slow or the nail clamping stroke is insufficient: the bolt is loose, the front buckle or the inner plate of the trigger is worn, and the bolt can be tightened at this time, pay attention to the front buckle shaft You can also change the front buckle or trigger inner plate. After the above actions are completed, test its function. If the stroke is too short, fine-tune the front buckle shaft upward, and fine-tune the front buckle shaft downward if the movement is slow;    2. Piston rod Air leakage: the bottom ring of the main body is damaged, the ring should be replaced at this time;   3. Air leakage: the switch valve ring or the switch seat ring is damaged or the piston ring is damaged. Replace the ring;   4. Air leakage at the trigger: switch valve ring or The switch seat ring is damaged. Replace the ring;    5. The transmission ring is loose and cannot be positioned: the plastic steel strip and the transmission spring are inelastic, remove the trigger assembly, and reinstall the spring pin or replace the plastic steel strip and the transmission spring.   labeling machine manufacturers believe that consumers nowadays have increased their demand for products and have higher requirements for product quality, especially for packaging. The packaging machine has been able to show its own talents in different industries, because, on the one hand, it can meet the requirements of enterprises to improve work efficiency, and it also meets the aesthetic needs of consumers on product packaging. However, the automatic labeling machine will definitely suffer different degrees of wear during the working process. Companies must allocate a portion of special funds each year to repair and maintain the packaging machine so that the packaging machine can work for a long time. Although there are some maintenance costs, it is not worth mentioning if compared with buying another loader. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the loader cannot be ignored.
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