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Self-adhesive labeling machine is an important process of subsequent packaging-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-31
When you start to consider buying a self-adhesive labeling machine, but are not familiar with the self-adhesive labeling machine or even have not contacted the self-adhesive labeling machine, it is recommended that you start with the following aspects:      see what is sold on the market Labels on the outer packaging of products generally include self-adhesive labels, OPP film labels, and pure paper labels. Self-adhesive labels are mainly affixed to cosmetics or high-end daily chemical products, such as laundry detergent, shower gel, shampoo, high-end liquor, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles and other products that are seen in daily life. . OPP film labels are essentially plastic labels, which are mainly affixed to low-end mineral water bottles and detergent bottles. Pure paper labels are now slowly withdrawing from the market. It is rarely seen that beer bottles in the past were basically labeled with pure paper.     Why are there self-adhesive labels, OPP film labels and pure paper labels? Because different labels can only be affixed with the corresponding self-adhesive labeling machine, and the cost is quite different, the effect of obtaining the outer packaging is also different. The self-adhesive label is to print the designed pattern on each label, the label is attached to the bottom paper, and then rolled into a roll, which can be applied to the product with a self-adhesive labeling machine. Since the self-adhesive label has a bottom paper and the label material is more expensive, when it is attached to the product, it looks beautiful and has a higher packaging effect, such as the rejoice or the two sides of the bottle body that are often seen in daily life. The two labels are all attached with self-adhesive labels.    OPP film is mainly affixed to relatively low-end products. For example, some mineral waters are labeled with OPP film. The cost of this type of label is very low. Because the OPP film label is cheap and has no backing paper, it is applied with a hot-melt adhesive labeling machine or a sleeve labeling machine. However, the material of this type of label is plastic, which cannot be degraded, and has great environmental pollution, and the visual effect of the outer packaging obtained is low, so it is slowly withdrawn from the market. The cost of pure paper labels is very low. In the past, most beer bottles used a sticker labeling machine to apply paper labels to beer bottles. However, the effect of paper label packaging is relatively poor. The most fatal thing is Once the beer is chilled in the refrigerator and then taken out, the bottle will 'sweat' and the paper label will slowly penetrate and soften. So now many labels on beer are changed to self-adhesive labels.     After the general bottle is designed, the consideration of which label to use on the product depends on the positioning of the price and the requirements of the production output. Generally skilled operators can paste 700 to 1,000 bottles per hour, but manual labeling is not only inaccurate, but also causes wrinkles or bubbles to affect the appearance.     Therefore, the general output requirement is more than 2,000 bottles per hour, especially the output requirement is more than 5,000 bottles per hour. Whether it is a stand-alone machine or the machine is connected to the production line, it is necessary to consider the use of a sticker labeling machine. But if the single machine uses manual feeding, the general speed is about 3000 to 5000 bottles per hour. Next, the most important thing is that before designing the bottle, it is best to select the bottle type that can be applied by the corresponding self-adhesive labeling machine. Not all bottle types are suitable for self-adhesive stickers. Labeling machine. When the bottle design is unreasonable, not only can it not be labeled, but even if it can barely be attached, there will be bubbles or unexpected defects.
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