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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
Automation technology is being revolutionized, and production efficiency is gradually improving. At the time when barcodes were running horizontally and horizontally, pharmaceutical manufacturers put forward a bold illusion: whether a self-adhesive QR code can be affixed to the drug packaging, and patients only need to scan it with their mobile phone to obtain any information about the drug. In the sense of this hypothesis, it is to reduce the impact of misuse of drugs and counterfeit drugs. The industry believes that the pasting of the two-dimensional code barcode traceability label only needs to be filed to ensure the authenticity of the scanned information. However, there are also concerns in the industry that if the barcode label is skewed or slanted during labeling, it will cause wrinkles during cargo transportation, etc. This phenomenon makes it difficult for the patient to read the information, which will affect the patient when scanning the code. In recent years, in order to promote the construction of an automated barcode traceability system for the pharmaceutical industry and ensure drug safety, drug packaging has begun to take the route of technology, standardization, and traceability. The upgrade of pharmaceutical labeling machines and other equipment has made many contributions to the pharmaceutical traceability system. From instant printing of labels and then directly on the pharmaceutical packaging boxes through the labeling machine, the sealing and labeling machine is in place in one step, which saves costs and can easily check The label data information of pharmaceuticals can be obtained and traced, and it is convenient to enter the pharmaceutical big data system for management. The pharmaceutical company cooperating with our company said that now companies can put forward the reform of the pharmaceutical production line according to their own needs, labeling and packaging products through the self-adhesive labeling machine, sealing labeling machine, and printing the labeling machine to generate barcodes online Later, let the two-dimensional code or bar code become the identification code of the product, realize one code for one item, and ensure that the medicine can be traced. 'Pharmaceutical manufacturers can clearly understand downstream sales through barcodes, while preventing the occurrence of anti-counterfeiting and channeling goods, ensuring drug safety, and safeguarding consumers' rights and interests.' In general, drug traceability systems are becoming more standardized and standardized, which is conducive to Better restrict the business behavior of pharmaceutical manufacturers, ensure that the entire process of drug production, circulation and use can be traced, and protect the rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, for self-adhesive labeling machine manufacturers, the automated packaging market will have a good development in the future space.
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