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Self-adhesive labeling machine can effectively improve work efficiency-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-31
Self-adhesive labeling machines can be divided into manual light inspection machines, semi-automatic light inspection machines, and automatic light inspection machines according to their functions. According to the different types of products to be tested, they can be divided into ampule bottle light inspection machines, self-adhesive labeling machines, and Xilin From the industry perspective, the labeling machine is mainly suitable for the inspection of products in the pharmaceutical, alcohol, and beverage industries. From the perspective of the types of bottles tested, the self-adhesive labeling machine mainly detects ampoules, vials, oral liquids, and other freeze-dried products. According to the principle of machine vision, a camera is used to shoot the serial images of the medicinal liquor on the production line. After the images are transferred to the computer, the computer uses a software algorithm to determine whether the medicinal liquor contains visible foreign matter and impurities. Pick out the conveyor belt, if it is a qualified product, go to the next step.     product into the bottle, check whether the bottle body is stained, check whether the seal is bad or the product vacuum is insufficient due to other factors, whether the bottle is capped without rubber stopper or plastic cap, etc. It can detect foreign objects in the bottle: glass chips, fibers, hair, black blocks, white blocks, color blocks and other insoluble materials, filling volume and static foreign bodies. Appearance inspection: top shape defects, such as drawing tail, flat head, oblique head, carbonization, bottle mouth crack, foam head, etc. Through the cooperation of multiple detection methods, foreign objects and sealing abnormalities can be effectively eliminated. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers have different requirements, and the detection function of the sticker labeling machine can also be added according to these different requirements. The self-adhesive labeling machine is a post-inspection for the pharmaceutical industry, vials, oral liquid bottles, through an organic magnifying glass, the inner and outer walls of the inspection, simple operation, convenient maintenance, this machine is the inspection equipment after glass bottle liquid filling, waiting The inspected bottles are lined up in a row and passed through the inspection opening. There is white light behind the bottles, and the front of the bottles is magnified by a magnifying glass. The foreign objects in the glass bottles can be easily visually inspected. The self-adhesive labeling machine has a scientific and technological appearance design, which outlines an atmospheric and flexible visual effect, and the internal performance is significantly improved.     First of all, the advantages of the existing models are continued, and secondly, some structural improvements have been made to better meet the needs of users. For example, the operation and maintenance steps of the new model are simpler than before, the ergonomic design makes it easier to perform sanitation and cleaning, and the disassembly and assembly of specifications are simpler; modular and universal design to reduce the types of parts and reduce the difficulty of later equipment transformation; Important electrical components have better water resistance and fully comply with GMP standards.
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