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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
As the social and economic development is getting faster, the living standards of the people are getting higher and higher. The commodities in circulation are all related to the date of manufacture and manufacturer information. Without this, it will become a three-no product. Packaging is the medium for the transmission of product information. The label of the product is particularly important for the product, allowing customers to determine whether to buy or not in the first time. The label labeling machine adds labels to the goods, which has a beautiful effect. More importantly, it establishes the requirements for the sales of the goods, and sales tracking and management. 1. The characteristics of intelligent labels and the use of rfid label labeling machine. The development of tags has allowed us to put forward a very good modern information technology technology. In the application of food and medicine, RFID tags are very valuable and effective. Its advantages are: each product has a unique number, which cannot be copied, and completely curbs counterfeiting; the anti-counterfeiting identification code is unique and cannot be modified or accounted for; the label cannot be separated from the anti-counterfeit identification item, otherwise the label will be invalid: multiple encryption to ensure information security; moisture-proof , Anti-magnetic, deformable, strong adaptability; application of non-touch reading and writing, information can be stored for a long time; a variety of packaging types, easy to put and adhere to the product, easy to make, packaging and printing; light, convenient, and easy to use The reader can read and write multiple tags together; it can recognize and read and write several times; the reading and writing equipment is simpler and easier to use than magnetic strips, barcodes, etc.; the cost performance, flexibility, and upgradeability are higher than any other technology; Count the information in the process of commodity circulation, and establish supply chain tracking and tracing. Compared with traditional identification methods, rfid tags are widely used in logistics, transportation, production and processing, medical drugs, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc., with their precise, efficient and safe methods, high anti-counterfeiting functions and the characteristics of monitoring products at any time. Many industries in need. 2. RFID tags are widely used in the medical drug market. 1. Tags are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and have the following effects: anti-counterfeiting measures for drugs; avoiding medication errors and irregular medication; patient identification and tracking; problematic drugs Recall; tracking of bills, test tubes, medicine bottles or specimens; tracking of medical devices and medical equipment. 2. The identification label attached to the product is unique and cannot be copied. It can be used to check information and counterfeit anti-counterfeiting labels. It is a very critical measure for investigating counterfeit and shoddy products. In addition, it can also be used to monitor the whole process at any time. RFID tags can carry out all-round monitoring during the entire process of medicines from scientific research, production, circulation to application. Especially when the product leaves the factory, when the product is automatically packaged, the reader installed in the production line can automatically detect the information of each drug and transmit it to the database. During the circulation process, the information can be collected at any time and the entire process can be monitored. In the packaging production line, when leaving the factory, in the process of commodity circulation, storage, and circulation, until the process of customer purchase. If RFID tags are used for whole-process statistics, timely statistics, tracking, and tracing of drugs, this problem will be solved. The RFID label labeling machine is not only the convenience in daily life and work, it represents a safer, more efficient, and timely data collection method, and an era of transcending development.
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