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Requirements and precautions for paste labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-28
The self-adhesive labeling machine must successfully complete this process for label conveying, positioning, labeling, labeling and backing paper recycling. It is very necessary to set the label material and requirements, as follows: 1. Label material: The hardness of the label material is the bond of the label, so the strength, thickness and area of u200bu200bthe label material are very important. When customers choose thinner materials, they must increase the thickness, preferably above 100um. Materials that are too thin are not suitable for large labels. They are only suitable for small labels. Usually supermarket price labels are such small labels. The strong hardness of the label determines whether the label is suitable or not, and directly determines the success or failure of the label. 2. Label separation force: The separation force of the label also becomes the peeling force of the label. It is the strength generated by the separation of the label from the bottom paper. This strength is mainly related to the adhesion of the label, the thickness and the glue at the bottom. , Is also related to the temperature and humidity when the label is applied. If the separation force is too large, it is difficult for the label to separate from the bottom paper, and there is no way to release the label. If the separation force is too small, it is easy to cause label drop during the labeling process. Therefore, the label separation force must be controlled.     3. Label backing paper: The backing paper of the label is also an important indicator to control the label output. For example, the release force of the label should be consistent, the thickness of the label should be uniform, and have a certain tensile strength, and also have good light transmittance, so that the self-adhesive labeling machine can be well identified.     4. Label quality: The quality of the label is also very important. It is generally required that the bottom paper of the label should be flat on both sides without any breaks after processing, in order to avoid the bottom paper from cracking when the tension changes. Also avoid cutting the bottom paper when die-cutting, so as not to cause unmarking or tearing. When labeling     , pay attention to the static electricity phenomenon of roll-to-roll label, and the phenomenon of textile labeling not being labeled or labeling inaccurately.
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