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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-23
Speaking of the manufacturing kingdom, it is well known that China is undoubtedly the world's manufacturing kingdom, and the economy driven by my country's annual production and manufacturing is immeasurable. With the continuous improvement of my country's production technology at any time, the wine industry has gone from a bleak ten years ago to now occupying an important place in my country's manufacturing industry. What is it that makes my country's wine industry develop so rapidly. Bogao Logo is a professional manufacturer of wine bottle labeling machines. The level of technical equipment of my country's beer enterprises determines the level of production products. Let us take beer as an example to review the development history of our country’s wine industry. Ten years ago, the equipment investment to establish a brewery generally accounted for about 60% of the total investment. It can be seen whether the equipment selection is advanced and reliable, which is very important to the investment of the project and the quality of the beer. . Some breweries with an annual output of 100,000 tons cost 6.7 billion yuan, while others only cost 100 million yuan. What a huge gap. Due to the late start of beer in my country, shortage of funds, insufficient investment in scientific research, and insufficient adoption of high-tech, the overall level of beer machinery in my country is still quite far from the international advanced level. Most domestic production enterprises can master and apply the imported and imitated production technology. . However, there are few technological innovations, and the level of research and technical reserves is low. For example, membrane separation technology, supercritical fluid extraction technology, aseptic filling technology, etc. are far behind the international advanced level. Now my country’s labeling technology has reached the international level. Bogao logo round bottle labeling machine and automatic labeling machine have excellent technology. The labeling accuracy can reach 1mm, and the labeling speed can reach up to 300 bottles per minute (specifically due to Stickers vary in size). With the rapid development of my country's economy, the domestic quality of life has improved, and the market's requirements for commodities have become more and more stringent. Many companies are paying more and more attention to product labeling. Even if the company has very good technology and efficient productivity, and has the best products, if you do not have a product description label, it will be difficult for the company to develop in the market for too long, because customers do not You know what your product is and what it is used for, but you don't know what it is and why you want to buy it. The appearance of the labeling machine is to solve this problem. In the packaging industry, the labeling machine plays an important role and is also the core mechanical equipment of the packaging industry. In today's life, labeling machines are used in all walks of life, which not only saves labor costs to a large extent, but also improves production efficiency, which is very popular among manufacturers. The customer's pickiness has made the commodity market more and more demanding on packaging machinery, and they have begun to invest in higher expectations for packaging equipment. The functionality must be as strong as possible, and the operability must be as simple as possible.
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