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Please pay attention to the following three questions when buying a paste labeling machine-Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
Paste labeling machine is a mechanical and electronic equipment that combines machine, electricity, gas, light and magnetism into one. Any product needs packaging, and the quality of packaging directly affects the market value of the product and corporate image. In particular, the daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries are more important because they are closely related to the lives of the general public; the labeling of bottled products is the top priority of the subsequent packaging process, and the flat labeling machine plays a role in the product packaging process. The more and more important role, then the paste labeling machine is so important, what exactly do our manufacturers need to pay attention to when purchasing?      Please pay attention to the following three points when buying a paste labeling machine:     1, clear With its own product characteristics, what special requirements does the product have on labeling equipment? For example, the food industry is particularly concerned about production safety and requires equipment to take safety measures such as waterproofing and anti-leakage. Therefore, priority should be given to special labeling machines belonging to this industry.    2. Recognize your own production needs, including product specifications and quantities, product output and production efficiency, label requirements, site requirements or whether to connect to the production line requirements, etc. The equipment industry is generally divided into standard equipment and non-standard equipment. Some customers often fall into misunderstandings and require strong, large, and comprehensive equipment. Blindly requesting some functional configurations that are not available in their own production will cause unnecessary waste. Taking into account the upgrade space of its own products, the correct choice of product labeling specifications, strict requirements on the labeling accuracy and labeling capacity required by its own products. 3. Testing and evaluation. For customers who use the labeling machine for the first time, since they are unfamiliar with the performance and application of the labeling machine, try to send the samples and samples that need to be labeled to the labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing. Possibility to reduce the risk of purchasing without understanding the labeling machine
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