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Paste labeling machine industry in the second half of 2020-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-06-01

At present, various industries are advancing the automation process, and the label industry is constantly innovating and changing. The current travel situation is as follows:      1. In order to introduce the uniqueness of its products, more and more personalized packaging methods are available. Therefore, for the label Equipment, the demand for this non-standard customization is gradually increasing.    2, the market structure adjustment has changed. With the passage of time, customers have higher and higher requirements for equipment quality.     3. With the improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, considering materials, safety and hygiene, labeling equipment has also begun to be upgraded.     4. The upgrade of automation is accompanied by the upgrade of intelligence, and the labeling machine has also begun to innovate in terms of operation, control, maintainability, and remote control.     5. The market environment is becoming more and more complex and competition is getting fiercer. Many smaller companies are facing the risk of bankruptcy, and some companies cannot survive in less than two to three years.     6. With the spread of the epidemic, many foreign countries are still in an uncontrollable trend. Therefore, the export of paste labeling machines has caused a great impact, and the export market is not optimistic!            


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