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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
Everything in the world! Articles have their own characteristics and characteristics, and they are more colorful. Various industries have different packaging requirements for their own research and development products, which creates a variety of labeling machines. With the rapid development of science and technology in today's society, the technical content of labeling machines and equipment with one thing and multiple labels is also higher. Although the market price will inevitably affect the choice of customers, it cannot change the irreplaceability of high-quality and high-quality equipment. status. Nowadays, any commodity on the market has exquisite packaging, and the label information is attached to the outer packaging in detail. This is inseparable from the credit of the automatic labeling machine. Compared with manual labeling, it is labor-intensive, secondary pollution, and low labeling efficiency. , Error-prone problems, technology is gradually used in the development of industrialization, the emergence of automation gradually occupy the market. The Bogao labeling machine adopts stainless steel and imported aluminum alloy, which conforms to GMP production specifications, and has a firm structure and beautiful appearance. It adopts photoelectric automatic tracking and intelligent control, which can achieve the functions of nothing without labeling, automatic correction and automatic label detection. It adopts imported Panasonic PLC, Kunlun touch screen, Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye, and German Leuze label electric eye. The electronic control system supports 7×24 hours operation of the equipment; it can be a high, efficient and high-quality labeling operation in this case. The development and innovation of automation have made the automatic labeling machine take a big step forward. The speed and quality of labeling and the perfect coordination of the entire production packaging are important, so that efficiency can be improved and quality can be guaranteed. Bogao Sign Technology Co., Ltd. is gradually developing towards the direction of intelligent control and automation. The equipment developed and produced is used in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware and other major industries. The labeling machine not only reduces the labor cost of labeling, but also improves the aesthetics of product labeling, thereby enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the product. The quality of the automatic labeling machine is reliable. As a well-known labeling machine manufacturer at home and abroad, Bogao Sign Technology Co., Ltd. has provided the Chinese manufacturing industry with internationally synchronized technical service solutions with excellent products and reasonable prices.
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