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New standard for food packaging label labeling-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-02
Food packaging bag labels that do not meet the new standards are not allowed to go on sale. Therefore, when the labeling machine performs food packaging label labeling, we must comply with the specifications and strictly follow the label labeling requirements. Here, Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers will explain. 1. The name of the label must be true to the requirements of the new regulations: 'New Venture NameOr the name specified in the industry development standard or an equivalent name. Names that do not have relevant national standards or industry technical standards management regulations must be labeled with common names that reflect the true social attributes of China's food information and do not cause misunderstandings among consumers. For example: apply text of the same size next to the 'yogurt' label, and mark its real estate name as 'yogurt'. 2. Foreign languages u200bu200bshould be smaller than Chinese characters. The new regulations require: Except for registered trademarks, standard Chinese characters must be used for pre-packaged foods. Pinyin and ethnic characters in foreign languages u200bu200bor dry books must not exceed the corresponding Chinese characters. For example, if the outer packaging of imported Chinese food is larger than 20 square centimeters, the height development of the words, symbols, and numbers that indicate the content of the activity shall not affect the height development of less than 1.8 centimeters. The Chinese characters in the label must correspond closely to the foreign language, and the Chinese characters must not be smaller than the foreign language corresponding to the design. 3. New requirements for the production date cannot be glued: the food must be marked with the production date, which is the date when the finished product produced by the producer passes the factory inspection; the production date should indicate the specific part of the packaging, and the general 'outer packaging' must not be used . For example: For some companies’ products, after the seam date, the sterilization and cooling are May 1, 2005, and the test takes 5 days to 10. The final printing change to production date in May 2005, it is the 8th day that has been placed on retail store. This situation is a false date of production, and the company should be punished. In order to prevent the distributor from changing the printing or printing on the packaging, instead of using the date directly pasted with tape manufacturing, food production date, shelf life and other information. 4. Genetically modified foods must be marked with the requirements of the new regulations: all foods listed in the 'Measures for the Management of the Identification System for Genetically Modified Organisms in Agricultural Development' issued by the Ministry of Agriculture must be marked with 'genetically modified food' on the label. For example, common genetically modified food companies mainly include soybean meal, soybean oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, rapeseed meal, fresh tomatoes and tomato paste. The preparation of genetically modified soybean oil should be marked with the words 'GM soybean oil' on the label.
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