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Multi-head self-adhesive labeling machine solves the user's problem of multi-labeling at one time-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
How to label the product's flat position multiple times at one time, thereby improving the production efficiency of the entire process? We have gone through market research and technological improvement. The multi-head automatic labeling machine was developed to solve this problem easily and efficiently. Below we introduce the structure of this automatic multi-head labeling machine.     1. The parts of the whole machine are basically composed of stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy, which is firm and stable. The equipment belongs to the series of fully automatic labeling machines. The labeling process adopts a servo (plc) control system. The speed of labeling single head is 30-180 pieces/minute, and the label accuracy range does not exceed 1mm.    2, the labeling performance of the whole machine is stable, and it supports the manufacturer to work continuously for 7×24 hours for a long time. When the equipment is put into use, the precision induction electric eye will track the whole process to prevent the product from deviation, product leakage, and non-labeling and multiple labeling conditions. And when a fault occurs, it will directly stop and give an alarm.     3. The whole machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, and it can be connected to the production line with other equipment. Each labeling head is operated independently, and different label materials can be affixed to meet the different uses of the manufacturer for the product. The equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Diversified functions can be added according to user requirements.
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