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Labeling machine is your inevitable choice in the future-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
After understanding manual labeling and semi-automatic labeling machines, I already have a certain basic knowledge of labeling machines. The self-adhesive labeling machine adopts self-adhesive roll label paper. During the automatic bottle feeding process with the bottle unscrambler, the roll label paper is continuously torn off and attached to the automatic packaging machine on the bottle body according to the required position. The equipment control system uses computer programming and full Chinese LCD touch screen, text type and button type, etc. It is a modern mechatronics product. It is found that the semi-automatic labeling machine is simple in structure, convenient and practical, which brings convenience to the majority of enterprises. However, this kind of equipment is generally not fast, regardless of whether it is attached to a round bottle or a flat surface. Then before buying a labeling machine, you must carefully analyze your own needs. What is the reason why I want to buy a labeling machine?     1. The labeling machine was bought because the manual label did not meet the requirements.    Some products have high requirements on the quality of appearance, and they are often crooked and wrinkled when they are manually attached, which seriously affects the customer's desire to buy. In this case, you have to buy equipment. Manual labeling can't bear it. You must tell the manufacturer of your product's requirements, and let the manufacturer help you test (TestMeasure) before you buy! 2. The semi-automatic labeling machine can produce small batches (Produce)      When the product output is large, the manual labeling is too slow to keep up with the demand for shipments. This situation can be solved by the semi-automatic labeling machine, because the semi-automatic labeling machine The labeling speed is matched according to the demand. The flat labeling machine can complete automatic front and back double side labeling, which is suitable for the automatic labeling of the double side and round bottle circumference of various flat and square products in the food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other light industry industries. To realize the labeling and filming on the upper plane and upper arc surface of the workpiece, such as boxes, books, plastic cases, etc., there are two methods of rolling and sucking, and the selection is mainly based on efficiency, accuracy and bubble requirements. This feature is mostly applicable to small-batch, multi-type, and product production (Produce), especially for the flexible and changeable needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Basically, you can post 15-40 pieces per minute, which can already meet most of the small batch production (Produce). 3. The mineral water was originally made with a sleeve labeling machine. If you want to switch to a self-adhesive label labeling machine, the product made with the sleeve labeling machine is not beautiful enough, and the self-adhesive label labeling is very beautiful. There is a desire to buy. 4. Everyone buys a labeling machine for the purpose of improving efficiency.      If higher efficiency is required, you must choose a fully automatic labeling equipment, which can reach hundreds or even hundreds of stickers per minute. Standard action, this kind of equipment, is completely different in structure from semi-automatic equipment. The fully automatic equipment does not use an open-loop stepping structure for label conveying. The label is continuous (Continuity) without a pause in the middle, which ensures the transmission speed. Basically, the article moves fast, and the labeling can be as fast as possible. !     Generally speaking, both manual labeling and semi-automatic labeling machines are only suitable for small batches and variable labeling requirements, and the labeling speed is not high. The round bottle labeling machine realizes labeling or filming on the circumferential surface of cylindrical and conical products, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. It can realize circumferential, semicircular, circumferential double-sided, circumferential positioning labeling and other functions, mainly including vertical There are two ways of labeling and horizontal labeling. However, the automatic labeling machine can do faster and better. It not only reduces labor costs, but also has extensive applications.
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