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Labeling machine attributes you don't know-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-31
The structure of the labeling machine (rotary) can be divided into the mechanical principle and the best mechanical debugging method, because each device of the labeling machine can be adjusted according to their needs to improve the quality of the labeling. It is mainly caused by the cooperation between the standard plate part and the standard box and the cooperation with the clamping drum, especially the tangency of the standard plate and the rubber thousand. These are all completed by the cam, and the cam is pressed The design needs to change the rotation of the target. Everyone knows why one side of the moon always faces the earth, because each revolution of the moon is a month, and exactly one revolution of the moon is also a month. Therefore, we cannot see the other side of the moon. We complete the tangency with each device by changing the rotation of the target plate by turning it to a certain place. The tangent between the target plate and the rubber roller is 0.1mm. If the target plate is a rubber sheet, the strength is 50 Shore, and if the target plate is aluminum alloy, the strength of the rubber roller should be 65-70 Shore.    The tangent of the head target plate and the body target plate and the rubber roller is 0.1mm. If the pressure of the upper and lower target plates is uneven, the three positioning screws of the rubber roller can be adjusted to adjust the angle of the rubber roller to vertical. When adjusting the tangent position of the target plate and the rubber roller, first turn the 5mm left side of the target plate to the tangent position of the rubber roller, then slowly pull up the rubber roller, and then continue to rotate the target plate to the right 5mm tangent position , And then slowly pull up the rubber roller, and try to see if the weights are the same. If the weight is uneven, loosen the fixing screws of the target plate seat and adjust the angle of the target plate to adjust the tangent of the target plate and the standard box. It is between 15~2mm, so that the pushing device in the label box moves continuously with the tangent of the target plate. If the front and back movement is blocked, the tension of the extension spring of the label box can be adjusted. When the standard plate is tangent to the standard clamping drum, it is best to adjust the finger clip in the standard clamping drum to the position where the standard paper clip enters 5mm, and then adjust the distance between the tangent of the drum pad and the standard plate to 1-1.5mm, to prevent the glue from passing to the drum, if the distance is too large, the paper will be tilted. The groove depth and groove width on the target plate is preferably 0.5mm, and the line used is 0.8mm, because the purpose of the groove on the target plate is mainly to make the label dry quickly and reduce wrinkles. What needs to be explained here is a label. On the paper, there is a 0.8mm wide glue for every 05mm distance, so that the moisture in the 08mm glue is immediately absorbed by the left and right, so it can be shaped and solidified in a few seconds to make the trademark shiny. It’s best to process the head label into an adjustable angle, because the upper and lower marks in many trademarks need to be centered. It is much more convenient to adjust the angle. The eccentricity between the arc of the target plate and the axis of the target plate should be 15mm. The tangency of the curved surface Ru003d55mm between the clamping label drum and the bottle can be divided into the head label tangent method and the neck label tangent method, because the tangent position of the neck label will ring up to the inclination and verticality of the neck label. The reason is the bottleneck. It is trapezoidal. When the top mark sponge is tangent to the wine bottle, the shape of the sponge should be sanded to match the shape of the wine bottle to form a trapezoid; in the production process, when the sponge and the wine bottle are tangent, the top mark often tilts. At this time, It is not a mechanical problem or adjustment problem. It must be the tip of the sponge being pushed obliquely when the sponge is tangent to the bottle, because when the cam in the top-marking drum pushes the sponge out, its diameter becomes larger in an instant, so its speed is also Immediately speed up. At this time, the speed of brushing the large turntable remains unchanged, causing the speed difference to push the top mark obliquely. Therefore, the sponge should be sanded very carefully to reduce friction. The bottle tray in the large brushing turntable is fixed according to the design. Rotating, the bottle is tangent to the label holder drum and then turned 9 degrees to the right, then turned 9 degrees to the inner edge of the head label, and then turned right 180 degrees to the outside of the brush head label, and finally the back label was applied. This is theoretically This should be the case, but in actual use, only rotating 180 degrees is not enough, it will make the bottle easy to touch the label clamping drum pad and cannot be adjusted. It is best to lighten it to 183 degrees. In a parallel state, when brushing the neck label, it should be parallel to the taper of the bottleneck, so that the brushes are evenly stressed on both sides of the wine bottle, so as to prevent the trademark from tilting and shifting. The fiber texture of the label paper is processed. For example, if a trademark is placed in water, it is correct if it is rolled up and down. If the left and right edges are rolled up, it is caused by a printer's error in the printing and cutting process. When using the label paper, you should pay attention to it. After opening the packing box and taking out the label, you must cover the box immediately, and do not put the label outside to avoid contact with air, because the label will be deformed when it encounters damp and dry air. Seriously affect the labeling quality.    Before the wine bottle enters the labeling, the temperature of the bottle must be lower than the temperature of the glue, so as to ensure the coagulability of the glue
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