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It is important for labeling machine manufacturers to truly identify, grasp and track changing customer needs-Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
With the rapid development of society today, it is important for various industries to understand, analyze, and make decisions about the market in the development. The development prospects are broader. However, not many companies truly identify, grasp and track the ever-changing customer needs are equally important.     1. Product demand.     is similar to the basic needs of people, clothing, food, housing, and transportation. The basic needs of customers are related to the product, including the function, performance, quality, and price of the product. General customers hope to obtain high-performance, high-quality products at a lower price, and they think this is the most basic requirement. So far, those customers with weak purchasing power still rely on product quality and price as the main basis for purchasing. In the 1980s, China's supply of materials was relatively scarce, and customer demand was almost entirely based on product demand. Whoever can provide products with a higher price/price ratio will be able to succeed.    2, service demand.     With the increase of people's purchasing power, the demand of customers has also increased. When people purchase, they no longer only pay attention to the products, but also pay attention to the after-sales service of the products, including: product delivery, installation, debugging, maintenance, return and other service guarantees. People are not only satisfied with good products and services, but also hope for timely and timely solutions.    Good products + good service promises do not make customers completely satisfied. Imagine why the same good product will produce different use effects and benefits for different customers? Why are some customers satisfied and some customers dissatisfied with the same good service promise. The reason is: due to the increase in the technological content and complexity of products, the realization of product use efficiency and benefits no longer only depends on the quality of the product and simple installation services, but also depends on a good product application implementation plan, timely and effective. Customers do not welcome or even dislike those service providers who have good service promises but cannot solve the problems in a timely and effective manner. 3. Experience demand When customers purchase, they are not willing to passively accept the advertisements of the service providers, but want to do something about the product first. Experience'. Customers have gradually changed from purely passive purchasing to actively participating in product planning, design, and solution determination, and 'experiencing' the process of creativity, design, and decision-making. Every time and space point of interaction with customers, such as one, one serving, one technical exchange, one inspection, one dinner, etc., is an experience for the customer. Customers want every experience to feel pleasant and productive. It can be seen that the customer's needs in terms of experience are not something that can be replaced or covered by products and services, but are higher-level needs that arise after the needs of products and services are met.
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