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Introduction to the basic working principle of self-adhesive labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-31
There are many types of self-adhesive labeling machines, and their functions are different, but their basic principles are similar. They use adhesives to stick paper or metal foil labels on the required packaging. Let's take a look at the basic principles of the self-adhesive labeling machine with everyone, so as to provide solutions for later failures.     1. At the beginning of the working process of the self-adhesive labeling machine, the labelled products are fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The equipment is equipped with a positioning device, which separates the boxes by a fixed distance while pushing the products along the direction of the conveyor belt.    2. The mechanical system of the self-adhesive labeling machine includes a driving wheel, a labeling wheel and a reel. The driving wheel drags the label tape intermittently, and the label tape is dragged out of the reel. At the same time, the labeling wheel is used to press the label tape on the box. An open-loop displacement control is used on the reel, which is used to maintain the tension of the label tape, because the labels are closely connected to each other on the label tape, so the label tape must be constantly started and stopped.     3. The label is affixed to the product under the condition that the labeling wheel and the product move at the same speed. When the conveyor belt reaches the designated position, the driving wheel of the label belt will accelerate to a speed matching the conveyor belt, and after the label is attached, it will slow down to a stop.     4. Because the label tape may slip, there is a registration mark on it to ensure that each label is placed properly. The registration mark needs to be obtained by a sensor. During the deceleration phase of the label tape, the driving wheel will re-adjust its position to correct any position error on the label tape.
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