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Introducing the daily self-inspection and maintenance tips of automatic round bottle labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-22
With the advancement of China's industrial process, it has experienced the development of domestic labeling machine manufacturers from scratch, from weak to strong, with more than ten years of industry technology accumulation, in the design, production, maintenance and after-sales of automatic labeling machines We have mature process theory and rich practical experience in every link. Next, I will briefly share with you some tips and tricks in the daily self-inspection and maintenance process of the automatic round bottle labeling machine. Similar to the wine bottle automatic labeling machine, it is a round bottle labeling machine dedicated to labeling the circumference of white wine and red wine bottles. It can label single and double labels. After the adjustment of the device, it can adapt to the surface labeling of different bottle types. . During the use of the wine bottle automatic labeling machine, it is inevitable that some conditions and failures will occur. Below, the Bogao logo will introduce to you the common problems that may occur during the operation of the equipment and their solutions. Situation 1: The problem of continuous bidding. Reason: The occurrence of this situation is most likely to be related to the detection sensitivity of the electric eye. Solution: Adjust the electric eye to make it work normally. Condition 2: The label is beyond the scope of application of the electric eye. Reason: If the problem is not resolved after troubleshooting, it may be that the label is out of the scope of application of the sensor, or the sensor is damaged. Solution: At this time, it is necessary to actively consult and seek assistance from the labeling machine manufacturer, and replace the new electric eye accessories in time. Condition 3: The standard belt is off track. Reason: There is another situation that the label tape is misaligned, and the electric eye does not detect the label. Solution: Adjust the electric eye back and forth to the detection position. Condition 4: The label is attached to the drive shaft. Reason: This can happen when the glue is too thin or too much glue, which causes the glue to flow out to the drive shaft when the label passes through the drive shaft. Solution: It can be solved by adjusting the interval between the rubber scraper block and the rubber coating wheel. The above four points are the situations that enterprise users who are using the automatic round bottle labeling machine are more likely to encounter in their daily production. As long as you follow the instructions one by one to check and grasp the key nodes, I believe that most equipment failure problems can be solved. This not only saves the energy and time waste of equipment maintenance personnel caused by comprehensive overhaul, but also shortens the downtime of the production line and reduces the waste of production costs caused by shutdown. Of course, you can also get in touch with us through various methods such as sales staff telephone, customer service hotline, and online message on the website. Bogao Logo is honored to answer your questions. Produce high-quality automatic round bottle labeling machine, equipped with complete and reliable after-sales maintenance services. Welcome customers and friends to visit our company for guidance!
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