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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-22
With the development of our country, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the aesthetics of products. The most popular e-cigarettes in the current market, e-cigarette holders are basically high-gloss products. As mentioned in the previous article, high-gloss products need to be attached with a protective film to protect the product from scratches and scratches. A series of problems such as a decline in yield caused by injuries. Electronic cigarette holder automatic labeling machine product introduction According to customer needs, Bogao has identified a rotary type automatic labeling machine for electronic cigarette holders. This equipment is specially developed for the two-sided labeling of vertical products. The multi-station turntable design can maximize the compatibility of all stations at the same time, avoiding the product technology that cannot be satisfied by the single-station model. The form of integration line reduces labor investment costs for customers and maximizes production efficiency. The high-strength body can ensure the service life and stability of the equipment, the whole machine runs fast, stable, and has low noise, and the labeling accuracy can reach ±0.5mm. The man-machine interface is adopted to make the operation more user-friendly. The automatic labeling machine can replace labor and paste multiple products at a time, which greatly saves working hours and improves production efficiency. It can also save a lot of labor costs and reduce enterprise costs. It is such a high-tech company dedicated to the development of fully automatic labeling machines. In recent years, the labeling machines that have participated in the manufacture involve multiple industries. In terms of labeling, many domestic companies have chosen our labeling machines. The production efficiency is Significant improvement, our labeling machine has also received a high evaluation.
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