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How to solve the broken label phenomenon of the paste labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
In today’s society, with the enhancement of product labeling, there are many types of bottle types on the market today. Plastic round bottles, glass bottles, flat bottles or conical bottles are often used. With so many packaging materials, the bottle type is also The same is different, which has greatly promoted the development of self-adhesive labeling machines. The labeling industry is becoming more and more standardized and has become an indispensable part of the entire packaging industry. It has been practically and effectively applied in many industries, and it has become an indispensable labeling equipment in the fields of food, medicine and other fields. The application field of paste labeling machine is even wider. What if there is a label break in actual operation? How to deal with it? The following is a simple analysis of the reasons for this situation:      1. Due to the excessively fast conveying speed, improper label feeding and labeling speed, and the pressure spring of the labeling shaft is too tight, the conveying speed can be appropriately reduced, and the labeling speed and the labeling shaft can be adjusted. Pressure spring 2. It may be that the label is rewinded too tightly, causing the glue to leak. If the finished label is rewinded too tightly, it will cause the adhesive in the self-adhesive to be squeezed out and cause the glue to leak, and the oozing glue will stick to the back of the backing paper. Make the entire roll of labels difficult to loosen, which is especially obvious in summer. If the label is narrower, the tensile strength per unit area of u200bu200bthe bottom paper will not be too large. 3. There are cracks on the edge of the label bottom paper. After cutting into finished products, the bottom paper is generally left wider than the label. This is to facilitate the uncovering of the label when the customer is labeling. It is easy to knock the bottom paper on the edge of the label during the process of label packaging, transportation and handling. Cracks cause small cracks. The paste labeling machine has a certain tension during labeling. Labels with cracks on the edge of the bottom paper are easily broken under the action of tension, causing the label to break. In addition, it may also be a paste. The improper adjustment of the rollers on the labeling machine causes the rollers to fracture the bottom paper at the edge of the label and cause the labeling to break. Generally, the labeling is broken due to the roller crushing the bottom paper. The bottom paper has more regular cracks. The point is to simply introduce that when the customer is operating the paste labeling machine, it can be dealt with according to the above reasons, avoiding the disadvantages that can’t be solved. If it still can’t be solved, you can talk to our after-sales department. Next contact, we will answer you in time
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