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How to judge whether the paste labeling machine has obstacles-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-29
The phenomenon that the labeling machine will be damaged during use. Today we will tell you about its malfunctions during use. How do we judge whether it has obstacles? It focuses on the following points:      1. From the outside, the appearance of the device can reflect the designer's concept of the machine. Of course, the appearance referred to by the author usually does not refer to aesthetics. The appearance refers to the rationality of the equipment design, such as the difficulty of replacing the label, whether it is not necessary to use tools to adjust the position, whether it is easy to understand and easy to operate. Whether the machine is designed to be used only for packaging tasks, or to consider the human aspect, just look at the appearance.    2, listen to the sound of the equipment running     The characteristics of the labeling machine determine that the labeling motor needs to be continuously started and stopped. If you hear the emergency sound of the motor start and stop tags, then I will tell you that this machine is not a program and the motor selection is not strict enough. 3. Judging from the stability of labeling, we can adjust the equipment to a higher speed, count the position of the brake eye on the label, and then trigger the label eye quickly and continuously, remember to observe whether the label runs linearly, and observe the brake The position of the eye on the label. The position of the labeling machine after stopping the triggering should be the same), calculate the number of labels, the number of labels of a good device will never be greater than the number of triggers you have, of course, if you have not completed the labeling, please trigger the label again, the number of labels May be reduced.
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