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How to deal with the common failures of the labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
When you use the labeling machine, it is often due to some man-made or objective reasons that the equipment has some failures. Then after the labeling machine fails, what aspects should we judge from? From which aspects can we judge and find the specific reasons, we can 'prescribe the right medicine'. The following editor will introduce several common judgment methods:      One, stable bidding. The method I often recommend to my customers is to adjust the labeling machine to the set maximum speed, count the position of the brake electric eye on the label, and then trigger the labeling electric eye quickly and continuously, remember to observe whether the label is running linearly, and stop triggering Then observe the position of the brake electric eye on the label (a good labeling machine should be the same position), count the number of labels, a good labeling machine will never produce more than the number of triggers, of course if If you trigger the labeling again before the label is finished, there may be fewer labels.    Second, sound. The characteristics of the self-adhesive labeling machine determine that the labeling motor needs to be continuously started and stopped. If you listen to the start and stop sound of a company’s labeling motor which is more urgent, then I will tell you that this machine is not a program Insufficient rigor is the problem of motor selection.     3. Appearance. The appearance of the equipment can reflect the designer's idea of u200bu200bthe machine. Of course, the appearance referred to by the author does not refer to the beauty in general. The appearance refers to the rationality of the equipment design, such as the difficulty of changing the label, whether the adjustment position does not require tools, and whether the human-machine interface is easy to understand Good operation etc.     Whether a machine is only designed to complete the packaging task, or whether it takes into account the human side, you can see from the appearance. Check that the photoelectric of the working object of the differential pressure gauge does not output. The possible reason is that the sensitivity is set too high. When the optical fiber is illuminated at the bottom of the product in the operating state, each product must be a unique and stable output signal. Confirm whether the motherboard and HMI are working normally and the labeling on the HMI has been activated.
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