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How to deal with common problems of depalletizer-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
Depalletizers have a wide range of applications in the packaging industry. Everyone knows that labeling equipment will definitely have some problems when used for a long time. In order to improve the use and efficiency of depalletizers, the following is a brief description of depalletizers Common troubleshooting methods:      Bottom paper slack at the peeling target board: Bottom paper slack is related to the low traction speed and slippage of the traction mechanism. 1) If the traction speed is too low, increase the traction speed to solve the problem.     If the traction mechanism slips, tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the bottom paper does not slip.     In addition, pay attention to whether the drive belt behind the rewinding shaft is broken. The labeling deviation exceeds the accuracy requirements: the label deviation and the label tape are misaligned, the label tape direction is not parallel to the product conveying direction, the traction wheel is slippery, the product positioning detection is inaccurate, the label is not applied to the product along the labeling roller, and the product error is few These factors are related, check the above factors, and then solve them in a targeted manner.    The label takes off, relax the traction mechanism, and pull the label back and forth to let it go straight automatically. After the label is aligned, clamp the limit rings on both sides to correct the label.    The direction of the label tape is not parallel to the product conveying direction, and it can be parallelized by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head.     Depalletizer      traction wheel slippage, traction wheel wear, traction wheel locking screw loosening are related, two reasons can be tightened traction wheel locking screw.     product error, in the product manufacturing process, the edge error will cause labeling deviation, which can be solved only by controlling the product quality.     Continuous labeling: Continuous labeling and incomplete labeling are related to the detection sensitivity of the electric eye. Just adjust the sensitivity. For the adjustment method, please refer to the previous chapter on electric eye adjustment.     If the adjustment of the electric eye still cannot be solved, the label may be out of the applicable scope of the selected electric eye, or the electric eye may be damaged, and you need to consult the manufacturer.     Another reason is that the label tape is misaligned and the sensor does not detect the label. Just adjust the sensor to the detection position back and forth.     Bottom paper breakage: Bottom paper breakage is closely related to the three factors of label bottom paper quality, label traction path scratching the bottom paper, and label adhesion.     Check whether the bottom paper of the depalletizer is cut. If the bottom paper is cut, you need to replace the high-quality bottom paper. It is recommended to use Glassine bottom paper, and the label supplier is required to control the depth of die cutting so that the bottom paper cannot be damaged.     Check whether the label is scratched during the detour, and eliminate the scratch factor. If the label sticks, the label is easy to tear off. Control the length of the next label to ensure that it does not stick to the labeled product.
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