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How to adjust the paste labeling machine if it does not produce or continues to produce labels? -Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-28
Paste labeling machine sometimes in the production process, we may see that the paste labeling machine does not produce labels, continuous labels, etc. What are the reasons for these conditions? How should we adjust for different influencing factors?     Generally speaking, there are cases where the paste labeling machine does not produce the label. There are roughly the following situations:      1. The position of the electric eye of the measured object is wrong, and the measured object is not detected.    Solution: adjust the position of the electric eye of the measuring object. The signal detection terminal is adjusted to be closer to the measured object, so that the signal on the measured object’s electric eye will light up when the measured object passes in front of the electric eye.    2. Improper adjustment of the sensor parameters of the sensor for measuring objects results in the inability to output a valid signal even after detecting the object.     The preset signal value on the sensor (sensor) of the measured object is too large, and the paste labeling opportunity will cause no valid signal output when the measured object passes in front of the sensor, and the PLC cannot get the output signal command, so there will be no action.     Solution: Place a product in front of the electric eye of the test object, and then adjust the preset signal value according to the detected effective signal value or whether the signal light is on. Makes the electric eye no signal (the signal light is off) when there is no object, and the signal light is on when an object is detected.        3. The electric eye of the measuring object is faulty.     Solution: Replace the electric eye of the test object in time.     4. The drive shows a failure.     Solution: Turn off the device and restart it.     5. The PLC signal interface of the paste labeling machine is faulty.     Solution: Replace the signal output/input port. If no other signal ports are available, the PLC needs to be replaced.     However, if the paste labeling machine continuously outputs the labels, if the electric eye is not well controlled during the debugging process, the labels will be peeled off uninterruptedly. So, what are the specific factors that may cause the paste labeling machine to continuously release the bids?     1. The standard measuring electric eye is faulty.    Solution: put the label in the detection area of u200bu200bthe electric eye, slide the label to obtain and disconnect the signal, and observe whether the signal light flickers in the IO monitor on the touch screen. If the signal light does not flash, the electric eye may be faulty or the connector at the connection may be loose. If the connector is loose, press the connector tightly. If the problem is not solved, consider the problem of the electric eye, and replace the standard electric eye in time.    2, the label paper does not pass through the detection area of u200bu200bthe standard electric eye.    Solution: install the label paper through the detection area of u200bu200bthe electric eye of the mark.    3, dust, powder, broken labels, etc. cover the detection end of the electric eye.     Solution: Clean the electric eye in time, pay attention to cleaning under dry conditions, do not use wet cloth and other cleaning tools for the paste labeling machine.     4. The effective signal of the standard measuring electric eye has not been adjusted well.    Solution: reset the calibration sensor. (Set according to the operation flow in the manual of each model of the calibration sensor)      5. The type of the calibration sensor used is invalid for the material and nature of the label itself.     If a transparent label is used on the device, but the detection sensor is an ordinary measurement sensor, it may happen that the label is continuously peeled off after the detection sensor detects the object under test.     paste labeling machine solution: replace the corresponding type of electrical eye that can normally detect effective signals.
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