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How the sensor is applied to the production line of intelligent labeling machine in the beverage industry-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-21
Coca-Cola is a common condiment in people's lives. In the hot summer, lying on the sofa, do you also want to have a cup of 'Happy Fairy Water'? Coca-Cola brings people all over the world a wonderful and refreshing experience every day, so how does it achieve rapid supply? With the rapid development of technology and the popularization of mobile terminal equipment, many large factories including Coca-Cola production lines have realized automated production, and manual labeling has also been transformed and upgraded to smart labeling, which greatly improves productivity and equipment flexibility. As the key core of the automatic labeling machine system, sensors have also been widely used in smart labeling. Among the smart packaging equipment in the beverage industry, automatic labeling machines are common. Due to trademark printing errors, film deformations, and the speed differences of the various parts of the horizontal seal, slipping of the traction roller, paper feeding, paper pulling, and middle seal often occur. This makes the cutting position of the horizontal seal may deviate from the specified position, or even due to errors Accumulate and cut to the logo pattern. At this time, the role of the sensor comes in handy. The labeling machine is usually equipped with two groups of sensors, one group detects the position of the labeling object, and the other group detects and controls the working status of the label. Install the sensor at the position where the object appears. When the object passes the sensor, the voltage inside the sensor changes and sends a signal to the circuit system that the labeling object is ready for labeling; Install the sensor at the label paper. When the label passes the sensor, the label control sensor receives According to different signals, the terminal sends out instructions to start labeling or stop labeling. In the automatic labeling process, in order to avoid labeling errors caused by errors, the performance requirements of the sensor are very high, and the stability of the sensor used must be extremely strong. The sensor of Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer adopts patented technology, unique circuit design, can resist mechanical, electromagnetic, light wave and other interference, high detection frequency, and strong stability.
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