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How does the self-adhesive labeling machine carry out the assembly line connection problem-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-06-01
Nowadays, labor costs continue to rise, and packaging companies often have problems such as difficulty in recruiting labor. In this case, the self-adhesive labeling machine will replace manual methods in the future and become an inevitable trend in the packaging industry. As the forms of food packaging on the market become more and more diversified, labeling has begun to be graded, and people’s aesthetic needs are gradually increasing. The labeling machine industry urgently needs to spend more thoughts on self-adhesive labeling equipment. Continuously strengthen technological innovation to achieve difficult packaging requirements. To give full play to the advantages of fully automatic labeling, the production line must be docked. It is recommended that the following issues should be considered when docking:      1. Assembly line docking a. Self-adhesive labeling machine and the guardrail structure of the assembly line to ensure smooth docking and transition in between The processing will not affect the scratch or damage of the item;     b. The speed of the self-adhesive labeling machine matches the speed of the assembly line, and the speed of the assembly line should be adapted to the speed of labeling;     c. The automatic separation function or stop structure of the self-adhesive labeling machine Function, etc.;     d. The link structure of the self-adhesive labeling machine and the assembly line, use belt or plate chain, and the treatment of the gap should be reasonable;     e. The overall space consideration can effectively use the production workshop without hindering other production equipment. f. Self-adhesive labeling machine should consider the shape, size and weight of the conveyed items;     2, independent automatic loading and unloading design If the labeling machine cannot be connected to the automatic assembly line, you can also consider designing a relatively independent feeding structure and unloading Collection structure, so that you can make full use of the efficiency advantages of the fully automatic labeling machine.     3. The method that can be considered for automatic feeding is closely related to the form of the label.
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