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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-23
As a consumer, what are your criteria for choosing a product? I believe everyone has visited the supermarket. The supermarket is a very typical market. As far as beverages are concerned, there are a wide variety of brands and tastes. Believe that Metropolis chooses based on the appearance of the product. An attractive appearance will definitely attract more customers. Beverage manufacturers must understand this truth, so some make a fuss on the label, and some use a knife on the shape of the bottle, so various irregular bottles appear on the market. Irregular bottles with eye-catching labels are more attractive customer. Today I will introduce you a machine for labeling irregular bottles, Bogao logo irregular labeling machine one-stop labeling machine manufacturer customization. Bogao logo irregular labeling machine is powerful, one machine can realize single-sided and double-sided labeling of 4 products (round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, special-shaped bottle) such as shampoo flat bottle, lubricant flat bottle , Hand sanitizer round bottle and other double-sided labeling, both sides are attached at the same time, double-labeling improves production efficiency. Bogao logo irregular labeling machine adopts a double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain, which automatically guarantees the neutrality of the bottle, and has low requirements for the worker to put the bottle and the assembly line to connect the bottle, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the worker’s work or the assembly line. It can be produced by a single machine. It can also be connected to assembly line production; Bogao logo irregular labeling machine is equipped with an elastic pressure top mechanism to ensure stable product delivery and effectively eliminates the error of bottle height; it is equipped with an automatic bottle separation mechanism, which automatically separates the spacing before the bottle guide to ensure subsequent guidance Stability of bottle, conveying and labeling; equipped with double labeling mechanism to ensure labeling accuracy for the first time, two-squeeze labeling, effectively eliminate air bubbles and ensure that the label head and tail are tightly attached; intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with Nothing and no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection functions, to avoid wasting labels and missing labels; the main materials of Bogao's irregular labeling machine equipment are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which conforms to GMP production specifications, and the overall structure is firm and beautiful Generous. As a professional labeling machine manufacturer, Bogao Sign Automation Technology adheres to the attitude of independent development and pursuit of technological innovation to provide customers with professional technical support and high-quality product services. The company has a professional Ru0026D and design team. Bogao logo is committed to the research and development of labeling machines, driving the technological trend of the industry, and providing customers with labeling solutions. High-quality products and considerate service are the survival significance of Bogao Logo Technology. From design to materials and workmanship, we take into consideration the humanization of customer operation and use, and constantly update and upgrade the existing product mechanical structure. The design inspiration comes from listening to customers' usage, co-designing with customers, innovating through the old, and creating a semi-automatic labeling machine and round bottle labeling machine suitable for customers.
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