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Don't forget to adjust it before using the self-adhesive labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
The self-adhesive labeling machine is an ideal equipment for high-precision and accurate labeling on small-size flat materials such as circuit boards, automotive precision parts, cartons, magazines, shou machine batteries, and daily chemicals, making product identification more beautiful. The advantage of the self-adhesive labeling machine is to improve production efficiency, reduce enterprise production costs, and improve labor intensity.    Adjustment of rubber roller and squeegee. It is reported that there should be no gap between the rubber roller and the squeegee in the entire length. Once the gap occurs, the squeegee should be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric spiral. Practice has proved that when the gap between the rubber roller and the target plate is between 0.1mm-0.2mm, it is actually more appropriate. This can be achieved by adjusting the bearing seat under the rubber roller, and if necessary, the upper bearing of the rubber roller can also be adjusted.     Self-adhesive labeling machine needs to be adjusted before use. The adjustment method is as follows:      1. The labeling installation must be in place. When winding the label, try to wrap it neatly. It is easier to break the label when it is skewed. After the label is installed, use the stop ring to fix the position.     2. Adjust the matching distance between the labeling cylinder and the stripping cylinder platform. Turn off the air source, pull the labeling cylinder down to the limit position, and observe the distance between the bottom surface of the suction head and the plane of the stripping cylinder platform. Adjust the position of the labeling cylinder according to the bottom surface of the suction head slightly lower than the plane of the platform. It can be adjusted up and down by loosening the fixing plate on the labeling cylinder, and lock the fixing plate after adjustment.     3. Adjust the matching position of the stripping cylinder platform and the suction head. Disconnect the air source, pull out the label stripping cylinder, and then pull the suction head down to observe whether the suction and labeling area of u200bu200bthe suction head is basically pressed on the label stripping cylinder platform, and the label suction area can only span a labeling position. If most of the label-taking area of u200bu200bthe suction head is not pressed on the platform, or the label-taking area presses two labels, you need to adjust the limit screw on the label stripping cylinder to adjust. If the adjustment range is relatively small, simple adjustments can also be made by adjusting the front and rear positions of the suction head.     4. Adjust the upper and lower cylinders for labeling to overwrite the label. Place the product to be labeled on the fixture, turn off the air source, pull down the labeling cylinder, the labeling upper and lower cylinders to the limit position, and observe whether the suction head can press the labeling area on the product surface. If it does not touch the labeling area on the product surface, adjust the fixing plates of the upper and lower cylinders for labeling. It can be adjusted up and down by loosening the screw, and the adjustment is completed by the locking screw. It can also be solved by heightening the fixture platform. However, for different products, the degree of pressure of the tip will be different. For example, for more conventional flat labeling, the suction head only needs to touch the product surface (just in contact with the product surface) when pressing down; for some curved surface labels, the pressure of the suction head needs to be pressed down more. , Press a little tighter to achieve the effect of complete overriding. Of course, for concave products, the corresponding tip fixture will be used for labeling and attaching.     5. Adjust the peeling length of the label. According to the size and specifications of different labels, the peeling label length is also limited. For larger labels, the general labeling will adjust the peeling length by one-third; for small labels, you only need to peel off the edge of 1~3mm. The stripping length of the label can be adjusted by moving the distance of the measuring electric eye. If the label peeling length is not enough, adjust the measuring sensor to the left (facing the display screen); if the label peeling is too long, adjust the measuring sensor to the right.     6. Adjust the intensity of the suction mark. If the suction force is not enough, you can cover other small holes on the suction head that are not needed to increase the suction power in the suction area. The gap at the edge of the suction head can be wrapped with raw material tape to avoid slight air leakage.
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