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Does the labeling machine need to be cleaned after use? -Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
The labeling machine is suitable for single and double-sided multifunctional automatic labeling of flat, square, round and tapered products in the daily chemical, food, dairy, pharmaceutical and other light industries. PLC and servo labeling system , Multi-functional man-machine operation interface, production counting, parameter adjustment and other visual monitoring, with rich help function and fault display function; the overall material of the equipment is international standard S304 stainless steel and imported aluminum alloy material, double anodizing treatment, no production The rust does not deform.     labeling machine should pay attention to regular cleaning, which is very helpful to the stable operation of the equipment in the later stage, and the cleaning work seems simple, but there are many particulars, especially the cleaning sequence. Next, I will introduce to you.     1. Remove the standard plate, glue funnel, glue bucket, blowpipe, and protective door, and put it in the soaking car (water temperature 400℃-500℃, but the standard plate is placed separately, and it should not be soaked in water exceeding 40℃).    2. Cover the surface of the label table and the glued areas with a damp cloth with alkaline detergent water.    3. Clean the large turntable, bottle holder, standard scanner, label table, column gate, machine top, bottle separation plate, star wheel, guardrail, platform, etc. with a wool sweep or cloth plus alkaline cleaning agent water.    4. Use a damp cloth to clean the label box, the standard drum take-out folder, and take the residual glue of the standard rubber pad.    . Clean the surface of the standard drum with a damp cloth. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water or soak it directly. In addition, in use, if the labeling machine encounters the following problems, the user can refer to the following methods to solve:      1. Label crack: After the label is die-cut into a finished product, the backing paper is usually left wider. The main purpose is for users to better expose the label when they use it. In the process of handling or transportation, these extra edge parts will be cracked, causing small cracks. Another part of the reason is that the labeling machine itself has a certain tension during the automatic labeling process, and the label is also very broken under this tension.     2. Poor die-cutting: The quality of die-cutting has a profound effect on whether the label is torn. If the die-cutting pressure is too large, the bottom paper will break. Usually due to the tearing caused by die-cutting, the position of the die-cutting line at the crack will be relatively neat.    3. Glue bleeding: The demonizing of glue bleeding is because the label is too tight to rewind, and the wet glue is squeezed out.
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