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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-06
Utility models such as cosmetics and facial masks are enterprising in the field of labeling technology, especially in the field of labeling cosmetic packaging boxes. What about adjusted cosmetic labeling machines? As a well-known labeling machine Ru0026D and production enterprise at home and abroad, with advanced technology and independent research and development core as its competitiveness, it creates intelligent industrial products with excellent performance, complete functions and higher cost performance, and provides you with customized solutions with a professional technical team. . The current cosmetic labeling machine has a variety of structures, including a vertical structure, a horizontal structure, a labeling machine for labeling color boxes, and a labeling machine for labeling round bottles. Each type of labeling The structure of the machine is also various and varied. When set up, these labeling mechanisms must be fixedly connected with other equipment such as conveyor belts, resulting in a single function of the current labeling machine and weak compatibility. Therefore, different labeling solutions and masks are designed for different companies. Commonly used cosmetic boxes are flat labeling machines and sealing labeling machines. Disclosed is a multi-angle compatible flat labeling machine, which includes a horizontally arranged support frame, the support frame is fixedly connected to the bottom end of a vertical support rod, the top end of the vertical support rod is provided with an up-down adjustment mechanism, and the up-down adjustment mechanism is provided There is a front and rear adjustment mechanism, a rotation adjustment mechanism is set on the front and rear adjustment mechanism, and a header board is set on the rotation adjustment mechanism. Multiple guide rollers, traction motors and marking electric eyes. It can only perform the overall rotation and up and down movement of the header board, and the position of the label on the header board cannot be adjusted. In order to solve the above-mentioned defects in the prior art, the present utility model proposes a cosmetic labeling machine that is easy to adjust, which can conveniently adjust the horizontal and vertical displacement of the labeling assembly and the conveying mechanism, and at the same time can adjust the electric eye of the labeling assembly. As well as the elasticity and discharge length of the label, it is suitable for the labeling requirements of various packaging boxes and various labels.
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