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Causes and solutions for foaming of automatic side labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
Causes and solutions for foaming of the automatic side labeling machine:      (1) The bottle surface is not clean and flat: the bottle body should be washed and dried in advance. According to the shape of the bottle surface, if the regular curved surface is still a spherical bottle body, When labeling, it is clamped and fixed by conveyor belts, especially flat plastic bottles;        (2) Film materials with suitable characteristics are not selected according to the bottle data: soft bottles should be selected such as PE, PVC, unstretched PP, and Synthetic materials of PE and PP; PET, BOPP, and PS fabrics should be selected for rigid bottles;        (3) The speed adjustment of the labeling machine and the labeling method are inappropriate: the running speed of the bottle body should be slightly faster when labeling. The speed of marking out, so as to avoid the occurrence of bubbles. Before labeling, the static electricity must be completely eliminated, so that the label will stick out of the label and separate from the backing paper. The labeling machine should not use brushes, sponge rollers, or vacuum adsorption for labeling. A rubber scraper with a certain strength should be installed to contact the label, and the scraper should adhere to a certain point of view and strength. For the labeling of soft bottles, the relationship between labeling speed, scraper strength, viewpoint and distance should be adjusted;        (4) Inappropriate selection of the bottom paper: the bottom paper with good lubricity should be selected, such as the bottom paper of PET raw materials. Make the adhesive have good surface flatness, good wettability and flatness after labeling;       (5) In addition, there are impurities, plasticizers, glue on the bottle body, chemical reactions, and printing surface solvents are activated. The occurrence of bubbles in the marking process. So it needs to be cleaned up.
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